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  1. Steve Taylor

    New Name Format on Compostelas

    I asked for a religious Compostela and got the document I posted earlier.
  2. Steve Taylor

    New Name Format on Compostelas

    I questioned the policy, but her English was limited and my Spanish is very poor, so I couldn’t get a good explanation. no, because I was alone. All I know is that my Compostela and distance certificate were not in Latin. Should this have been in Latin. The woman in the office was not helpful...
  3. Steve Taylor

    New Name Format on Compostelas

    Also, it doesn’t look like it’s handwritten nowadays. The previous May have been printed, but they looked handwritten.
  4. Steve Taylor

    New Name Format on Compostelas

    As you can see, my name is the same on the Compostela and distance certificate. I’ve got previous Compostelas because I’ve walked the Camino Frances and Ingles.
  5. Steve Taylor

    New Name Format on Compostelas

    I completed the Camino Portugués from Porto today and noticed that my name on the certificate was included as it is usually written, rather than in Latin, as was the case for my previous three compostelas. Is this the new format, or was it because that was how I spelled my name in the online...
  6. Steve Taylor

    Best place to stay: Logroño or Naverette?

    Of the two, I’d go for Logroño, for its tapas places, if nothing else. Navarrete is a nice village and I stayed there for one night, but it’s quite small.
  7. Steve Taylor

    Renfe Tickets Website

    If you check the schedule for the previous week (27-31 March) there’s a train at 11:10 which is the one I want to take to Ponferrada. I’ll keep monitoring the website.
  8. Steve Taylor

    Renfe Tickets Website

    I’m going to wait and see if any trains become available. The bus option is a backup.
  9. Steve Taylor

    Renfe Tickets Website

    I’m hoping to get a train from Madrid to Ponferrada on Mon 3 April, but, for some reason, the full (albeit small) list of trains hasn’t been posted on the Renfe website yet (there’s one service leaving at about 6 pm). Does anyone know when Renfe are likely to release the details of these earlier...
  10. Steve Taylor

    Merino wool socks wrecked?

    In my experience of washing Bridgedale merino socks, no problem putting them in the washing machine, though I only set it to 30C.
  11. Steve Taylor

    Mon 4 July - starting my Camino from Ponferrada

    Hello all. Walking from Ponferrada to Santiago from 4 July. Looking forward to completing the Camino Frances, more than three years since I walked my first stage. Steve [UK]
  12. Steve Taylor

    How common are hiking shorts on men

    I always wear shorts (baggy and not made of cotton), as I usually walk in hot weather. Even when it rains, I've found that it's easier to dry your legs than a pair of trousers. I do carry long trousers (chinos, as they're lighter than jeans), but usually to wear in the evening.
  13. Steve Taylor

    DO NOT burn your clothes at Finisterre

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to start another tradition of donating any wearable gear to one of the clothes banks you see in Spanish towns and cities.
  14. Steve Taylor

    Railway Station in Madrid

    The Gold Card is good, but I read that tickets bought close to departure can be quite expensive.
  15. Steve Taylor

    How to easily purchase train tickets online

    Didn't Loco2 change to Rail Europe? I use Rail Europe a lot, as The Trainline charges a booking fee, I think, The Renfe site can be frustrating, but I managed to negotiate it three times recently. By the way, when I used my Starling Bank card via PayPal to pay for one of the tickets, it charged...
  16. Steve Taylor

    One Day or Two? Walking the Camino from St Jean to Roncesvalles at 72

    I did this stage over two days. I'm 59 years old and not a regular walker, so the first stage to Orisson was tough and the rest at Orisson overnight was appreciated. Also, I was able to enjoy the relatively easier stage from Orisson to Roncesvalles the next day even more, especially as you walk...
  17. Steve Taylor

    Extra crowded August 2022?

    I emailed the albergues or checked the website. In the case of the website, this could be down to bookings not being open yet.
  18. Steve Taylor

    Extra crowded August 2022?

    I’m planning to finish my Camino by walking from Ponferrada to Santiago in the first half of July 2022, and I have discovered that a couple of albergues are already full.
  19. Steve Taylor

    Deteriorating Behavior

    I make a lot of advance bookings, but I never fail to show up, most especially when there’s no penalty charge for not notifying them beforehand. Even when I use Booking. com, I try to cancel as far as possible in advance. It’s good manners, isn’t it?

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