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  1. dick bird

    What was left unused? What can be left behind?

    How many pairs of trousers? 2 is ample. Rain jacket and poncho? Down jacket and fleece? One or the other.
  2. dick bird

    What was left unused? What can be left behind?

    Starting late October, expect cold and wet weather especially in Galicia. That means weight. If you stay in public albergues, you’ll need a sleeping bag or quilt, again, weight. Carry the weight you are comfortable with and make sure you have what you need. Don’t bother to weigh your backpack.
  3. dick bird

    Sending package along the way (Camino Frances) from the UK

    Dentists in Spain are generally excellent and cost much less than in the UK. They may be able to help.
  4. dick bird

    Hugging the Coast on del Norte

    Another suggestion: the Ruta Histórica from A Caridad. It loops inland away from Ribadello through Ribadeo and Vegadeo then rejoins the Norte at Mondoñedo. A less used but beautiful variant.
  5. dick bird

    Bed bugs

    And don’t just look in the beds. They inhabit nooks and crannies of buildings
  6. dick bird

    Hugging the Coast on del Norte

    There are routes, but they are not really Camino variants. Quite often the Camino goes along the road but there is a parallel GR footpath along the coast. Much more picturesque but you won’t find them via Camino sources.
  7. dick bird

    Bed bugs

    Sounds bad. You have my deepest commiseration. Hope the rest of your Camino goes better.
  8. dick bird

    Bed bugs

    I don’t think there is a single albergue on any Camino that has not had bedbugs at least once. An albergue whose Hospitalero knows there have been bedbugs is possibly freer of bedbugs than another albergue where there might be bedbugs the Hospi doesn’t know about. When you say ‘infestation’, do...
  9. dick bird

    Say No! to rubber tips on your poles.

    It would be a nice gesture to carry your poles as you make your way through a sleeping village at 6 o’clock in the morning, and yes, I have heard that the only function of the rubber tip is to prevent the metal tip ripping your backpack.
  10. dick bird

    Pilgrim reported "missing" because of broken mobile phone

    You need to make an agreement with relatives etc about how often you are going to make contact, if at all, and keep to it. Then they know whether or not there is cause for alarm.
  11. dick bird

    Help me review this packing list for my students

    The 10% rule needs to be taken with a big pinch of salt - applied literally no one would ever do a through hike. How about, before you go, you organize an army style kit inspection - everybody lays out the contents of their pack and you can check it before they go. Two ways you can maybe cut...
  12. dick bird

    Dog from Hell ?

    Guard dogs are fenced in or chained on the premises they are guarding. That is the whole point of having a guard dog. Sheep dogs protect the flock: move away from the flock, they will bark but leave you alone. Hunting dogs are extremely well trained and won’t do anything unless they are told to...
  13. dick bird

    Tips for biking the Primitivo please

    Just another point to consider: so far most of the responses have been from walkers who are, perhaps unsurprisingly, rather lukewarm about the idea of cycling the Primitivo. But we haven´t heard from anyone who has actually cycled it. There may be a reason for this.
  14. dick bird

    Tips for biking the Primitivo please

    I don´t think they differentiate in Spain, unlike the UK where there are clearly designated footpaths and bridleways. But I would caution anyone who is thinking about the Primitivo on a bike. A lot of it is pathways, some of it is steep and it would not be the ideal choice for a cyclist. A...
  15. dick bird

    Limits for daily transfer with a 20kgs bag on the Camino journey?

    A number of things spring to mind, medications, CPAC or other medical equipment, for example.
  16. dick bird

    Templiers/Hospitaliers wrt the CdS pilgrimage?

    You may have been a very good software engineer, Crosbie, but you´d have made a crap defence lawyer: Counsel for the defence: ¨M'lud, my client is entirely innocent of the charges against him.¨ Judge: ¨Then pray, present your evidence proving your client´s innocence.¨ Counsel for the defence...
  17. dick bird

    Templiers/Hospitaliers wrt the CdS pilgrimage?

    ¨When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.¨ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies. There may be no error in logic, but logic is only as good as the premises it is based on. Or, as the Spartans said to the...
  18. dick bird

    Camino Lebaniego in November?

    The section from San Vicente to Santo Toribio is very mountainous. I would check the internet for average weather in the Picos de Europa and perhaps get in touch with the tourist office in Potes, but I think you will find that walking the Lebaniego in November is a seriously bad idea, and...
  19. dick bird

    Sunset on the Aragonés

    El Burgo Ranero is another albergue that follows the sunset tradition, reputedly accompanied by a chorus of frogs living in the lagoon (actually bog) in the foreground of the photo, but they were mute when we were there. The weather was dull and overcast when we stayed in Arrés, so I had to make...
  20. dick bird

    Templiers/Hospitaliers wrt the CdS pilgrimage?

    David, this is part of Crosbie´s style. If you look through his posts you will find well over a dozen uses of expressions like 'It seems', 'It is possible that', 'I suggest', 'No doubt' etc etc. This kind of language is appropriate when discussing inferences and deductions but when basic...

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