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  1. JimDerry

    How many days

    It will depend on how you want to go! If you want to power through or see the sights and enjoy the food and culture. There is no wrong way. Of course, you may have to contend with possible injuries, also. Staying healthy is a big factor. My wife and I walked from SJPDP in 2014 and 2015...
  2. JimDerry

    How to tell my parents?

    Everyone is created as a singular soul. While I do understand the fears of a parent (as I have 4 children, well they are to me!), there comes a time when the umbilical cord needs to be separated. It can be a clean break, like a cut, or a tear away which is more hurtful and takes longer to heal...
  3. JimDerry

    Laundry advice

    Laundry?? Do people wash clothes?
  4. JimDerry

    Safety for pre-dawn starts on the Camino Frances

    I agree with the overthinking part. I am also from NW part of US and found the trail temps very little different from our part of the states. Depends on your tolerance for temp. Maybe start out earlier or later in the year to avoid the highest temps. Usually less crowded, also. Also agree with...
  5. JimDerry

    Don't speak the language?

    I was just going to say that! Greeting people with a simple hello, how are you goes a long way. I found that out the hard way! A Spanish pilgrim and I were talking about the social protocols and how they differ from country to country. Sadly, he said North Americans were the worst offenders (I'm...
  6. JimDerry

    Train Travel Paris to St Jean

    If you have the time.... go from Paris to Bordeaux... spend a day or two, then take the slow boat train to Bayonne then SJPD. This might be a one time trip in life! Enjoy every day and see the sights!
  7. JimDerry

    Selfie stick - to bring or not to bring

    I guess I am old.....I brought a camera (remember those things?) and in 2014 I decided to take one selfie a day of my wife and me on the trek. My wife was not happy about that. But later, when we had finished and were home and reminiscing about the Camino she said they were her favorite pics...
  8. JimDerry

    Burgos accommodations

    I agree!!!! Crisol Mesón del Cid was worth the $$$! View from our room!
  9. JimDerry

    What to Order at a Bar or Cafe after Using the Restroom

    We usually ordered a Scheppes tonica water! The quinine in helped keep us healthy! Found them pretty much everywhere that was making drinks.
  10. JimDerry

    Your favorite lodging in Burgos?

    My wife and I also stayed @ Crisol Meson del Cid! Wonderful spot! Not overly expensive and what a view! This one is from our room.
  11. JimDerry

    Discarded face masks

    Tik Tok generation? Don't want to marginalize a group but people seem to love to follow trends, no matter if they are crazy or not. Tide Pods, anyone..... I hope, soon, we can start thinking for ourselves again and follow more rational thinking. Like it has been said for at least 70 years...
  12. JimDerry

    What is the best city to fly into to begin CF?

    Time permitting.... We loved to fly into CDG, spend a day, train to Bordeaux, spend a day (or 2!), train or bus to Bayonne and then onto SJPDP! It gave us a chance to relax and get accustomed to time zones, get out of our rush, rush travel schedule and get mentally relaxed to start our camino...
  13. JimDerry

    Santiago presents for little granddaughters

    My Granddaughters all love jewelry! Bracelets, necklaces etc. Made from Spanish silver perhaps? And if they are sturdy they will last for generations!
  14. JimDerry

    Creams, sprays, ointments... AGGGHH!

    Exactly right!
  15. JimDerry

    Train from Charles DeGaulle to St. John Pied de Port

    Another alternative is to take the train directly to Bordeaux and spend a night (or two). The train ride from there to Bayonne/SJPP is very short and you get the chance to see Bordeaux, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! (If the train people aren't on strike again, then its a bus...
  16. JimDerry

    Slow Walker Advice

    I don't see any problem with walking short distances per day. We walked however far we could and stayed where we landed. If no accommodations were available we would find places that were open and taxi back and forth to the starting spot! Quite reasonable, also. We found many exciting places...
  17. JimDerry

    Bring mayonnaise

    I only carry jalapeno mustard in a squeezable bottle. Only problem is when I get it out and then have to share with the entire table!!!!
  18. JimDerry

    How much route planning is actually needed?

    Hello malinger, Ducks in a row or ducks in a line refers to a mother duck getting all her brood in a line to follow her. In Camino life terms all I can discern they mean is to get your places, ideas and such ("ducks") organized so there are no little surprises! But if you follow a mother duck...
  19. JimDerry

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 6.0

    October 2014....was able to walk again with my adventure partner one more time in 2015...Next one alone as she passed away in 2020.
  20. JimDerry


    Hopefully leavin SJPP on Sept. 7 May have to wait a day or two to get all family together. One wife, 2 sons and 1 daughter. Whoop!

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