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  1. Lynda t

    Getting to Europe by cargo ship

    ha ha. My brother did the £10 Pom back in 1964.
  2. Lynda t

    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    Ha ha
  3. Lynda t

    Anyone have a favourite British Pilgrimage?

    Read 'The salt path' before embarking on the South West footpath. A bit grim to start with though. The book is available on Bookbox from your local library.
  4. Lynda t

    Bedbugs - What is your blood type?

    Not bitten. I believe eating garlic in your diet helps to ward off mosquitoes etc.
  5. Lynda t

    Camino Fátima albergue issues

    Stay with the bombos/fire brigade if necessary.
  6. Lynda t

    New thievery model on the aware!

    I always kept valuables in my sleeping bag at my feet. That was way back in 2010.
  7. Lynda t

    Sailing to Santander cancelled!

    Hope you got an alternative route later.
  8. Lynda t

    Animals we meet on camino

    Unfortunately road kill. I think it’s a pine Martin.
  9. Lynda t

    It appears to be happening again.

    Just the clothes you stand up in, an umbrella and a bread roll.
  10. Lynda t

    Any lodgings between Orisson and Roncevalles

    Don’t push the hip too far on the first day. It is a very hard walk uphill and down the last 3km is steep too.
  11. Lynda t

    Help! The walking pole makes me feel like the walking dead!

    I found they really helped on the downhill bits. But I’m older and need all the help I can get. Yes they are a pain and get in the way sometimes, I have to put up with that bit.
  12. Lynda t

    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    Talk to your doctor about Botox injections in the neck of your bladder. My mother was one of 100 guinea pigs that had it done. Three sessions sorted it.
  13. Lynda t

    My New Camino Marker

    That made me laugh. The Camino stays in your head for years. It left me very unsettled.I'm just about ready to be unsettled again.
  14. Lynda t

    Choosing Sandals

    My sandals are in my profile picture. I’m on my fifth pair in 9 years. I live in them. Only snag, the odd stone gets in them. They are Keen too.
  15. Lynda t

    Walked CF 2010. Lisbon to SDC 2012

    Walked CF 2010. Lisbon to SDC 2012
  16. Lynda t

    The use of blackmail in the internet.

    I’m sad for you. There are a minority of people who think an albergue is a posh hotel. An albergue as far as I can see is a part of a family. A Camino family. Please stay positive and continue to offer true pilgrims a sactuary.
  17. Lynda t

    The most Pilgrim rituals of the Camino

    I walked from St. Jean and didn’t need to leave anything along the way. I brought my memories home with me.
  18. Lynda t

    Not getting my training time in....

    Take your rucksack when you go shopping. Put your groceries in it. Get the feel of the weight. Don’t pack too much clothing. You can always buy the odd tee shirt...
  19. Lynda t

    Anthony Bourdain, Mental Health, and the Camino de Santiago

    Amazing man Shaemus.

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