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  1. JoAnn Reyes

    Camino de Santiago in Mallorca

    Hello Have you walked the Camino de Mallorca? I understand that it is 4 stages on the island and then continues on the mainland to Barcelona. Any information is appreciated.
  2. JoAnn Reyes

    How busy will Camino Frances be in June, 2023?

    FYI Plan accordingly..... There is a huge music festival in Monte de Grozo right outside of Santiago the weekend of June 15-17 called O Son do Camiño. Easily over 20,000 attend. Very limited places to stay in Santiago and surrounding areas and very expensive $$$.
  3. JoAnn Reyes

    Necessary to book albergues ahead of time?

    I found out there is a 3 day outdoor music concert in Santiago from 16 to 18 June. Expected attendance over 100,000!! Hence the shortage of accommodation. . So I took a deep breath, regrouped and booked a hostal in O Pedrouzo ($80 euros) 20 km out of Santiago on the Frances route. So I'll walk...
  4. JoAnn Reyes

    Necessary to book albergues ahead of time?

    Regarding Booking ahead in Santiago - What is happening the weekend of June 17-20? Everything is booked from Albergues to hostales to hotels to Airbnb....Those that are available are over $300 for that weekend only! Is there a huge event happening?? I could only find lodging 20Km outside of...
  5. JoAnn Reyes

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Portugal drops Covid test requirement

    Check the US Embassy in Portugal site,Airports.
  6. JoAnn Reyes

    Weight Loss

    I am in my 60's. I do not lose weight easily in general. I don't over eat on the Camino, but I do eat well. I lose about 2 to 3 lbs per week. : -) Over the 6 weeks walking, I lost 15 lbs.
  7. JoAnn Reyes

    Car Rental from Porto to Sarria or Lugo

    Thanks for the response. It is very expensive to rent a car!
  8. JoAnn Reyes

    Travel Santiago to Sarria

    We are not traveling till June 30
  9. JoAnn Reyes

    Car Rental from Porto to Sarria or Lugo

    Does anyone have experience renting a car in Portugal and dropping it off in Spain? I will be in Porto Portugal and will be meeting up with friends walking the Camino Frances fron Sarria on Saturday June 30. There are some longer public transportation options that get me to Sarria late in the...
  10. JoAnn Reyes

    Travel Santiago to Sarria

    Thank you everyone!
  11. JoAnn Reyes

    Travel Santiago to Sarria

    I am looking for a transport service from Santiago de Compostela to Sarria. We are 3 pilgrims travelling together. Does anyone know of such a service? I have researched buses and trains and the current times listed will not work for me because I will be travelling by bus from Porto to Santiago...
  12. JoAnn Reyes

    Coastal Route from Matosinhos

    I would like to receive a copy of your daily stops!
  13. JoAnn Reyes

    top tips for a first time walker

    I agree totally with this advice. 20k per day or less for the first week.Sometimes it made sense to plan rest days or take them as needed. Sometimes I didn't need a full rest day and would walk a short day, like 10k if possible. Listen to your body. It's ok to "lean into your edge". Your "edge"...
  14. JoAnn Reyes

    Looking Sharalynn and Steve from New Zealand

    Hi, My husband Rupert and I walked the Camino Frances in June/July 2016. We meet a wonderful family from New Zealand. Sharalynn and Steve(?) . You would remember them, because they were traveling with 6 of their children that ranged in age from teens to young adults. Would love to be in touch...
  15. JoAnn Reyes

    Train strike June 8

    thank you!
  16. JoAnn Reyes

    Train strike June 8

    Train from Bayonne to St Jean cancelled for Weds 6/8 evening Anyone know about buses or Share a cab? Any advice appreciated
  17. JoAnn Reyes

    Traveling from Paris to St Jean by train on Weds June 8.

    With all the flooding, I am wondering if the trains are running in Paris from the train station in CDG airport? I am traveling on a SNCF train from CDG airport to Bordeaux to Bayonne to SJPDP. Anyone traveled through Paris in the last couple of days?

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