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  1. Camino2014

    Need help deciding on train station in pamplona

    1. "Pampelune" is the French name for the city of Pamplona, so yes, it is the same place! That might also be what you're seeing on SNCF, since that is a French train site. The station is called "Pamplona/Iruña" in Spanish/Basque languages, respectively. 2.Chamartin and Atocha are actually two...
  2. Camino2014

    Traffic and trash

    Unfortunately, avoiding the heat entirely is a fruitless pursuit - especially during the summer. It was extremely hot when I walked the Ingles last June. Conversely, it was cool and breezy when I walked the across the Meseta of the Camino Frances in July 2014. So, please don't pick your Camino...
  3. Camino2014

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    I like your essentials list and surely have never done a Camino without those things! One thing: I do love following the arrows and forgetting the guidebook exists, but on the Norte, the arrows often betray you. The provincial governments compete, individuals compete, and arrows get painted all...
  4. Camino2014

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    I think its a commendable thing to do a Camino without social media! As for me, I had a daily blog to run and "fans" (family and friends) that were hooked on it, so I could not do that. But I hope to attempt it in the future. Regarding a camera, I couldn't travel without it because I like...
  5. Camino2014

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    Thanks for your suggestions JillGat. I had never heard of Opinel knives until now, so I'll have to look into that.
  6. Camino2014

    New private albergue in Grado

    Wow, this looks beautiful! And I love trying out brand new albergues. Will remember this if I get around to walking the Primitivo.
  7. Camino2014

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    Glad you liked it! :) Yes, by all means, this is only a suggestion! Feel free to pick and choose what works for you - I'd be curious to hear the 10 things you/other pilgrims would pack? Buen Camino!
  8. Camino2014

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    I really appreciate your reply! No, I didn't take anything negatively :) I can see why the needle and thread method can be unsanitary, and I suppose I was just lucky on my Caminos because it always did the trick for me. As an amendment to that statement, I think it is always good to sanitize...
  9. Camino2014

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    I posted this in the hopes it would help new pilgrims get a clear idea of what their packing list should look like. I do not claim to be a Camino expert, only someone who is trying to help others by posting a video. If these things don't work for you, feel free to disregard my suggestions. Buen...
  10. Camino2014

    10 things you NEED to bring on the Camino de Santiago!

    Hola peregrinos! I made this short video about the 10 things you NEED (or I think you need) to bring on the Camino. After two journeys and a third in the works, I've had a lot of time to think about this topic. :) I hope you enjoy! Buen Camino! UPDATE: This video is only a suggestion - by no...
  11. Camino2014

    Combine Ferrol & A Coruña Routes for Camino Ingles?

    Sounds very... creative! :) There are no sea views on the classic Ferrol-SdC Ingles, unless you count the little river inlets of Betanzos and Pontedeume. That said, I would opt to do the last 100km of the Caminho Portugues if you want sea views, as the coast on the Ingles isn't all that pretty...
  12. Camino2014

    Accommodations on the camino ingles

    Hey there, I'm so glad you've decided to walk the Ingles! I actually found that camaraderie on the Camino Ingles was MORE present than on the Frances or Norte or other caminos I've done. The short duration of the walk means that you never really lose your initial group, and get to know just...
  13. Camino2014

    Baztan, Vasco del Interior or Aragones?

    Thanks, Laurie! I seem to remember you mentioning the Baztan and how beautiful it was. The Salvador and Primitivo are also on my radar, if only for some more fabada and sidra asturiana!
  14. Camino2014

    Baztan, Vasco del Interior or Aragones?

    I walked the Ingles last summer and really enjoyed it. But I did not realize there was a route to St. Jean from Bayonne! Do you have any links to photos of the Voie de la Nice? I would be interested to check out this route.
  15. Camino2014

    Baztan, Vasco del Interior or Aragones?

    Hi! Haven't posted on here in awhile, but I'm happy to be back! (And hi to my friend @peregrina2000 who I met on the Norte last year!) I'm gearing up for a semester abroad at the Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona (which is super exciting as a pilgrim) and I've started researching potential...
  16. Camino2014

    Santarem to Fatima to Tomar?

    Hi all, I am planning on walking to Fatima from Santarem but I have not been able to find any information on stages... I would like to walk to Fatima in 2-3 days and then rejoin the Caminho at Tomar. Could you please give me a list of stages (with accommodation options) for this route? Thank...
  17. Camino2014

    Lots of questions (Caminho Portugues)

    Thank you all for your wonderful input!!! I was definitely pleasantly surprised to learn that I'd been misinformed about the Caminho Portugues! Now that I've looked at all your pictures and read all your blogs, I'm happy to say I've decided on the Portugues for my second Camino and will be...
  18. Camino2014

    Water in Southern France? And other problems.

    Post-Camino Update!!! Having walked the Voie du Piemont in June, I can now say that yes, there were abundant sources of water. HOWEVER, I only encountered ONE fount that was marked "eau potable". Therefore, the majority of the time I was drinking tap and bottled water. We walked during the...
  19. Camino2014

    Lots of questions (Caminho Portugues)

    Hi all, I've just returned from my first Camino (Frances) and already have decided to plan for another in Summer 2016! I am trying to decide between the Caminho Portugues and the Camino del Norte. I've heard very little about both, except that the Portuguese Way is rather industrial while the...
  20. Camino2014

    Leon vs Astorga

    Thank you all, we are currently in León and have seen most of the sights so we will be moving on and having our rest day in Astorga as most of you recommended. Again, thanks for all the great input!!

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