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  1. dimdog

    Depth on the Camino?

    Hi, I did the Frances, with a friend back in 2021, & as a 1st time camino, I found that a lot of people were doing it for a walking holiday for a few weeks, & as a camino is a personal choice, it was interesting to hear the various points of view. Fast forward to last year, where i did the...
  2. dimdog

    Camino Stories or Myths

    Hi, the story of the " hidden pilgrim" in SDC, an amazing play of light, with a beautiful story.... The story of the "hidden pilgrim" in SDC, who only appears at night, a wonderful play of light...
  3. dimdog

    Coffee in the Morning?

    Hi I did the entire Norte last June, it was ok(ish) to find somewhere early for the first week or so, but as you progress, & it gets more rural, & I did struggle to find anywhere open early doors. It's a beautiful camino, with stunning scenery, enjoy
  4. dimdog

    What made you pick your 2nd or next camino choice?

    Hi, I did the CF in 2021, & last year wanted a different experience, so I did the Camino De Norte, stunning scenery, quiet, but a bit more expensive, the infrastructure isn't as good as the CF, but that's part of the experience.....highly recommended
  5. dimdog

    Suggestions Please: Baamonde -> Sobrado dos Monxes -> Arzua

    Hi i walked the Norte last June, Sobrado was a highlight of my entire camino, Lawrence, the Abbott, is a fellow English guy, & is one of the funniest, most interesting people I've met, it is a quiet sanctuary before hitting the madness of the CF,
  6. dimdog

    "I'm leaving on a jet plane"...Camino #7

    Stayed in the monastery at Sobrado Dos Monxes, where I met the funnist abbot of all time, the albergue had just been refurbished, & the cloisters,Chapel & ambience of the place was amazing....enjoy
  7. dimdog

    The spirit of Camino

    My 1st camino (CF) I completed it with a very good friend, who was a medically retired firefighter in London, who was retired due to cancer, he is an Irish Catholic, & after him cancer treatment his mother died, he carried a small pot of her ashes, which he scattered at Finisterre. He was also...
  8. dimdog

    Tradition…. When to start wearing your scallop shell?

    Hi all, I believe that the scallop shell has a few theories, like the "fingers" all end at the same point, symbolising the various camino routes all ending at SDC, or that the ancient pilgrims used it as a eating & drinking implement. It would be interesting to see the history & myths...
  9. dimdog

    Trail runners on the Norte

    Hi there, I did it in Aku Pilgrims (appropriate) but chopped & changed with trail sandals.....enjoy
  10. dimdog

    Beginning Camino Ingles in England

    If you look on the British pilgrims Trust website, there's a lot about the "old way", I do believe they have the route mapped via OS maps, & have a list of sanctuary's to use, which may be church halls, churches ect....
  11. dimdog

    Beginning Camino Ingles in England

    Not sure if people are aware, but the British pilgrim Trust have just got a route from Canterbury to Southampton, using an old old 1300c map, starting it next month, if any one is interested I will post my updates
  12. dimdog

    Wild swimming

    Hi, I think this was untreated water, that is pumped to water the fields, its bloody freezing tho, would love to know where its source is.......anyone?
  13. dimdog

    Wild swimming

    Hi I walked the CF in 2021, as I did it August (I know.......) it was a tad warm, I found that sticking my legs into any river, or, the concrete aqueducts that lined many of the fields worked wonders.....
  14. dimdog

    Poets, thinkers, makers and creators on the Camino

    Hi, I can't remember where it was, but I found a small "hippy" commune, where they were so accommodating, home made cake, fresh tea, & the most relaxed environment, they had created a small labyrinth that ended with a peaceful view thru a valley, the bloke who ran it, was a fellow brit, called...
  15. dimdog

    Primitivo or Norte?

    Hi, I did the full norte last year, it was busy around san Sebastian, & santander, but when you pass these places, it was lovely & quiet, with stunning scenery, there were days that I only saw a handful of other pilgrims... Hope this helps
  16. dimdog

    Beginning Camino Ingles in England

    Hi, I'm starting my Ingles from Reading cathedral, then walking to Southampton, the CSJ has just waymarked the way I believe, then I will carry on from Ferrol, hopefully the more people hear about this route, the more will try it, I wish you buen camino on your chosen path.
  17. dimdog

    Booking Accommodation in Irun for Early June: Tips and Recommendations

    Hi, I walked the Norte, starting in June last year, I found that San Sebastian was a sticking point, & had a bit of a bed race, until passing santander, as you progress along the Norte you will find the Pilgrims start to thin out, I used Gronze, which was opened in Google chrome, then used...
  18. dimdog

    Beautiful video Camino del Norte/Primitivo focusing on history/culture

    😊 Great memories of this wonderful route, thanks for posting
  19. dimdog

    Some Camino Wisdom

    And that just about sums up, why we do this wondrous thing......thanks for posting, very profound
  20. dimdog

    Shoe store in Santander?

    Hi I did the norte in July, & suffered the same problem, just Google hiking shops, & it brings up loads, I can highly recommend Addidas Terrex shoes. Buen camino

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