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    Getting from Pamplona to SJPDP

    Thank you. I am glad others think to use technology.
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    Getting from Pamplona to SJPDP

    Does anyone know how far the bus stop in Pamplona is from the Jesus and Maria Albergue? Also, what is the closing time for the Albergue? Thanks
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    Hiking poles vs staff

    I agree with Robbo I have used both for extended periods over very rough and varied Australian bush. My preference is the walking poles and I like the ones with a handle like a walking stick best as they are more versatile.
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    Not what I expected!

    I have walked the FC 3X and will leave Pamplona on 2 March for the 4th. What surprised me the most was the fact that what I learned about myself and the issues that came to my attention for reflection and action have continued to impact my life to this day.
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    Jet Lag After Flying Direct from Australia to Paris for Camino Starting in St Jean

    I've done three FCs leaving Australia from Sydney and going via London, Paris, and lastly Barcelona arriving in St John once and Pamplona twice. I arrived late afternoon and left early next morning with no jetlag. The advice regarding fluids and limiting alcohol intake is sound. I also ensure...
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    Is it easier just to fly to Madrid to start the Frances?

    Hi Laurie This is very helpful. I fly into Madrid T4 on Qatar airlines and previous experience tells me they are reasonably efficient in processing passengers into the country. I get in at 1pm and there is a bus to Pamplona at 3 so all should be well. And thank you I certainly hope for a Buen...
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    Is it easier just to fly to Madrid to start the Frances?

    Hi I expect to fly into Madrid on March 1 and catch a bus to Pamplona as my start point. Is 2 hours sufficient time to land, pick up my pack and get to the bus station?
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    Is it easier just to fly to Madrid to start the Frances?

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to stay in the Madrid airport overnight? I am flying into the airport late one day and flying out very early the next. Thank you Frank
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    Walking with a family.

    Hi Catherine I am also from Australia. I hope to walk the FC in 2024 with my twelve-year-old grandson. Any advice gratefully received. Perhaps phone or zoom? With thanks Frank
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    Rely on wifi or get a data plan?

    I used viber (free) and had almost no difficulty phoning home to Australia 3 x each day
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    Taking Students on the Camino, May 2023

    This is very interesting. I have been a Chaplain for 40 years in defence and hospital settings and am currently a Centre Director training people in pastoral and spiritual care. One element of this is that of increasing our capacity to be spiritually discerning/aware. I have considered expanding...
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    Owning a Donativo

    I spoke with an Australian who had opened an albergue on the FC. She reported that although there are no "technical" barriers she experienced some resentment that a foreigner was buying property and beginning a "business". That could have been a local government attitude not reflected elsewhere...
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    Australians allowed to travel.

    Me too. However my circumstances mean I will need to star very early November for 5 weeks. Still thinking re open Albergues and whether there will be enough other pilgrims enroute.
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    Does the Camino Ruin Us for Evermore?

    Hi! I have walked 3 Caminos and each has enriched my life and has at one level or another become integrated into my life. I guess I anticipated this would be so while still being surprised that it was. Before my first I read that "When we finish walking our Camino it continues to walk us." For...
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    Have you been married a long time?

    I agree with you Michael. Brenda, my wife and I have been married 47 years and have accumulated significant history together - far too much to throw away. The one thing I would add is that we have learned our marriage is a relationship in which our attitude has become this: Each of us is...
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    I am not a "Camino pilgrim"

    Hello Jillgat Thank you for what you wrote. It resonates with my experience. I am a person of faith and yes I think spiritual experiences happen anywhere and often in the most unlikely places. I also set aside twice each year to walk with a "soul companion" friend and we dissappear into the...
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    Pilgrim "customs"?

    I have walked the French camino 3X and on each occasion have left a stone at the Iron Cross and each time was very moving for me. I have see this happen for others too. I imagine few customs have a neccesary outcome but many might touch us in powerful ways, even taking us by surprise if we allow...

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