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    Electrolytes Help. I forgot my Nuun

    Yes to Aquarius! Also, while you're still in a town, see if you can get Calcium/Magnesium tablets at a pharmacy. I walked all around Leon and finally found a tiny vitamin store. And drink more water!
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    Hiking/Walking Shoes or Sandals

    Hoka boots
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    A word of warning on trail runners or light weight shoes.

    Hoka boots are a good solution. Still a good bit of spring to them, but lightweight and ankle support is good. Pricey, and worth every cent. I ordered multiple sizes from Hoka to try- free shipping to and from Hoka. They also come in wide.
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    plantar fasciitis - with 7 weeks to go

    After 8 weeks of PF, I finally went to a PT (physiotherapist) and had one session of dry needling in my calves. It hurt, but I was fixed within a few days!
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    How long after hip replacement?

    Hi - I'm looking for a moderate hiking experience this fall 5 months after a hip replacement. I know everyone's recovery is different, but could a few people chime in and give me a vague idea about how long after a hip replacement that people typically are able start walking about 5 moderate...
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    Hoka Shoe Owners: Speedgoat 5 or the Bondi 8?

    I have no regrets about getting Hokas in WIDE. I do have rather wide feet - but unless you're really narrow, the WIDE model allows your feet to swell. Do practice on hills!
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    Hoka Shoe Owners: Speedgoat 5 or the Bondi 8?

    First, go by the one that fits you best. I don't know about the Bondis. But Speedgoat's Vibram soles were great on the Primitivo/Hospitales in Sept. 22 - it was a mostly dry hike, so I can't speak to how they would have done on muddy mush.
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    Route advice September

    second that. Find an aircon building in Florida with stairs to train. Those who only walk flats are sorry when the hills come.
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    Wifi and cell service on Primitivo? Sept 22

    Hi- Could recent Primitivo hikers comment on how strong/reliable wifi service is anywhere on the Primitivo? Is there somewhere you had particularly good service? Are there areas that are just completely without service? (Please, no comments about 'be a real Pilgrim and go without'; having a...
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    Camino Norte to Primitivo + General Questions

    Do you remember the name of that building/hotel? Thanks!
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    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    Don't count on a cup of coffee before 9. See my reply here about Grinds.
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    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    I found another solution! Damien is right - many people wake up early, rustle their plastic bags and wake up the whole albergue, so it's common to just get up and go in the dark without coffee, sometimes til 10 a.m. That's in addition to lack of sleep from farting, snoring, drunk pilgrims...
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    knees -- braces?

    Agreed! See a physical therapist ASAP to learn exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles and do them every day. Stretch whenever you can!
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    LIVE from the Camino A new threat to my pilgrim tolerance and zen-like state of relaxation

    I think that's the most important point. For those of you who easily sleep through distractions - bravo, you have been gifted. But please remember that many people don't sleep as deeply as you and need that extra hour of sleep like it was air itself.
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    Which shoes should I wear in September \ October?

    I walked in Hoka trail runners the whole CF way in mid-Sept-Oct. Very comfortable, no blisters and I was such a fan of those lighter shoes! Stuffed with paper, they dried overnight if I got them wet. But I developed knee and plantar fasciitis problems within 6 weeks of returning home. I've...
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    Rehydration and electrolytes on the Camino Portugues

    No, don’t. It gets the tube all gummed up.
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    Heel pain

    And stretch your calves, hamstrings and hips. A lot of times, this is where Plantar fasciitis originates (If that’s what it is). It makes sense after doing many days of walking; everything tightens up... but that doesn’t always work well for your feet. Don’t ignore the pain, see your...
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    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    I walked the French in Hokas last year, I believe the Arahi. They were so comfortable, light weight, came in wide and saved my lower back. And no blisters! The down side is that I developed plantar fasciitis about 4 months later. The podiatrist believes it's because I didn't have enough arch...
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    Post-Camino shoe observations

    Ask a podiatrist for sure, but I took it to mean the ability for the shoe to twist. My doctor picked up my shoe with one hand on the front and one hand on the back, twisted it side to side, did the same with my store-bought orthotics and said both were too loose, which allowed my foot to move...

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