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  1. kristenwalks

    The enduring legacy of the movie ‘The Way’ (and a new book by Jen Hutchison)

    Thank you! I’ll check it out
  2. kristenwalks

    The enduring legacy of the movie ‘The Way’ (and a new book by Jen Hutchison)

    Does anyone know where I can stream "The Way"? It isn't available on Amazon Prime in the US, and sadly I no longer have a DVD player so can't buy the DVD :) Thanks!
  3. kristenwalks

    Rhode Island Pilgrims

    Karlene - just seeing this now (literally years later) but I also live in Rhode Island! We should meet up for a coffee or something and share stories from the Camino!
  4. kristenwalks

    Leaving belongings in Lisbon

    Hi everyone! I will fly into Lisbon and return there at the end of my Camino for another month. I looked at Airbnb prices for May-June and they are over $3k for an apartment equipped with what I'll need for the month (wifi to work, etc.). I'll need to leave many of my things behind in Lisbon...
  5. kristenwalks

    Training for Camino?

    Super helpful and thought provoking! All very true points - it's more than just physical training!
  6. kristenwalks

    Training for Camino?

    Incredibly helpful. Thank you!
  7. kristenwalks

    Training for Camino?

    In May I’ll be doing my second Camino (Camino Portugues from Porto). My first was last April (Camino Frances). I walk a ton normally and didn’t do any training for my first Camino, but am curious any recommendations/to hear what everyone else does.
  8. kristenwalks

    How to Avoid Road Walking on the Camino Portugues

    I am also planning the Portuguese Camino end of May :) following these posts…

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