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    Purchasing Altus rain poncho in Santiago de Compostela

    I live in US and ordered mine from Trekkinn based on Trecile’s recommendation (thanks!) and received within about 10 days. I was never able to find one in Spain on the Norte and Primitivo, so now I have one for my next Camino!
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    Industrial Walking along the Norte...

    I walked the Norte and Primitivo, then Finisterre/Muxia in 41 days this spring, which was enough time, but my only rest day was in Finisterre and I started in San Sebastian. Instead of rest days, in the first two weeks I shortened two stages with transport. As others have noted, it's...
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    Camino primitivo for my first Camino

    If you have time, it is definitely worth it! Even if you don't have enough time to walk all the way from Santiago you can take a bus to Finisterre to spend a few days there at the end. Or take a bus to Cee and walk from there. And Muxia if you have time.
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    Camino primitivo for my first Camino

    The Primitivo was my first, I completed it this spring so I can't address what it will be like in the fall, but would like to second Peregrina2000's enthusiasm and advice not to let others discourage you. I met many on the Primitivo for whom this was their first Camino, some better prepared...
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    yellow arrows

    I can only speak to the first part of the Norte, which I walked this spring before turning south onto the Primitivo. I can't compare it relative to how well other routes are marked. As others have indicated, I found it pretty well-marked, most of the time, so for the most part just following...
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    Could I use a buggy/stroller on the Santiago to Finisterre route?

    Having just completed Santiago to Finisterre (and Muxia) in May, my recollection is that there was a fair amount of paved roads along the route and that many of the unpaved paths could possibly be covered with a stroller, but as noted there are some hilly spots. The first part of stage leaving...
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    Using Trekking Poles

    Based on my own experience and after seeing people struggle on the Norte and Primitivo without poles (and turning to makeshift tree branches), they would be on my must-have list for any route with substantial up and down
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    Using Trekking Poles

    I've seen the number 20%-30% used a lot, but it's likely hard to quantify; nonetheless in a quick search this came up in Outdoor Gear Lab. Poles reduce the impact on your legs, knees, ankles, and feet, especially...
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    Using Trekking Poles

    Lots of good advice here - I've been using poles for a number of years and found them very helpful on the Camino. As many have indicated, you need to learn to use them correctly - I saw many people just swinging them in front of their feet, like a walking rhythm instead of using them to push...
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    How far do most typically walk before resting?

    At home while training, I tend not to stop during my walks, which tend to range from 2 to 6 hours, I just walk until I'm done. As a result, I think I didn't rest often enough while on my Camino, maybe a stop after 2-3 hours for a coffee, and then plowing straight through until I arrived (hoping...
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    Looking for a used ALTUS Poncho

    I recently ordered from Trekkin (thanks to a post by trecile a week ago), on track for delivery in a few days. I've posted link below for the yellow, they also appear to have the blue...
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    What to do with three weeks after Santiago?

    Point taken! I definitely needed a short day at that point, I wanted to walk it but was too tired and I had read enough reports on it to decide not this time!
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    Hoka trail runners in Oviedo?

    I encourage you to forget about what's ahead and focus on where you are - when it gets hard, just shorten your stride and take smaller steps, you'll get up there. Enjoy the vistas, enjoy it all. Ultrea et suseia! There's probably a good "Camino as metaphor for life" in those smaller steps...
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    Hoka trail runners in Oviedo?

    For what it's worth, I and everyone I met on the Primitivo felt the same way - but we all made it! Just one foot in front of the other. Loved every minute, can't wait to go back
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    What to do with three weeks after Santiago?

    if you'd like coastal, consider 2 weeks on the Norte (start at Bilbao to avoid the toughest stages between Irun to Bilbao?), although depending on timing it may not be your least inexpensive option as I understand that during the summer you're competing with vacationing Spaniards for lodging...
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    Hoka trail runners in Oviedo?

    The Hoka website indicates two stores that sell in Oviedo; you can check their hours on line and call to see if they have what you’re looking for to save yourself a trip if they don’t D-ruta Calle Arzobispo Guisasola, 28 Oviedo, Asturias 33009 984 84 62 27 Ciclos Fran Calle Juan M...
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    Skirts and wool leggings

    Agree one skirt (skort with attached shorts) and one leggings, wear one while washing other. Ditch the kilt. I preferred the skort on rainy days, my legs got wet and sometimes splashed with mud, but easier to wash and dry than the leggings.
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    What surprised you the most?

    I recently completed my first Camino (Norte, Primitivo, Finisterre/Muxia) and as high as my expectations were (especially after reading so many wonderful posts here on this Forum in the months before I left), I was surprised that actually doing it was even more amazing than anything I had read...
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    Hydration pack or water bottles?

    Is it possible your friend was eating and sipping at same time (take a bite, take a sip), say like an energy bar or something else? In that way, some food or sugars could have come in contact with the drinking nipple and through that into the bladder itself? (more obviously, putting any kind...
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    Hydration pack or water bottles?

    3L seems like overkill in any event - 2L worked fine for me, filled it to 1L mark on days when the route indicated lots of potable water locations on route, filled it up on days where there weren't. 2L is heavy!

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