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    Caminho Nascente Évora to Beja

    Hello to you all: I wasn't very convinced with the fact that we had to ride many kms on a main road, so we decided to take the risk and follow the path on the first link and I can tell you that it was a good choice. The path is all rideable/walkable, nice landscapes, no cars and some gates to...
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    Caminho Nascente Évora to Beja

    Thank you. I had already read that, but it doesn't clarify my question regarding the existence of two alterantive paths. This describes the one that goes through Alvito. Anyone did the other way? Regards Luis
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    Caminho Nascente Évora to Beja

    Hello to all pilgrims: I want to do a first section (Tavira to Évora) of the Caminho Nascente on Mountain Bike. Has anyone done that? Can you give me any hints? Between Beja and Évora, I found two different alternatives in the following sites: - -...

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