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  1. TheBigT

    My first Camino Frances after the apnea diagnosis

    Wow! congratulations from a fellow CPAP user (the one on the left in my profile picture). :)
  2. TheBigT

    Sleep Apnea

    Super curious how this turned out. Last two years I have had the full CPAP shipped ahead. Okay, but really limited spontaneity.
  3. TheBigT

    Weather in March, Camino Frances, Leon-Santiago - your experience?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I started the CF last March 3 (2023) and it was snow for the first two days, cool into Pamplona and then warm all the way. Sounds like the I will almost certainly need the gloves, beanie etc. sounds wonderful, in fact :)
  4. TheBigT

    Weather in March, Camino Frances, Leon-Santiago - your experience?

    I am planning on completing my CF from Leon to Santiago in March 2024. I can see the monthly average temperature etc. online but was interested in the experience of others. If you have done this section in March, please share your perceptions and lessons learned, thanks!
  5. TheBigT

    Sahagun worth it for tourism?

    In the early spring of this year, travelling alone on the Camino before Easter I stayed two nights (one full day of rest) in Sahagun. Enjoyed the stay and had a wonderful Camino experience. It was a Monday before Easter (2 weeks before) and everything was closed museum wise. As I was talking...
  6. TheBigT

    Advance bookings!!! (Are they ruining the Camino?)

    I finished SJPP to Leon on March 30th, booked every night before leaving. My mind was free of worry and the walk was wonderful. To each his own way but I would observe that if you define a single set of criteria for the "authentic" experience and everything else as "tourist trap" then...... I...
  7. TheBigT

    I am feeling selfish

    My first solo Camino was last spring, Porto-Santiago. Second just finished SJPP to Leon. My darling wife at home with her important interests (see my picture....grands'). I only know this: there is room in life and in your marriage for you to pursue an independent and perhaps solitary course...
  8. TheBigT

    Dull, boring, urban and sketchy (sketchy?)

    You sir, are my brother from a different mother....
  9. TheBigT

    New religious heritage museum in Carrión de los Condes church

    Currently taking a rest day and staying a night at the Monastery Zoila hotel. The Monestary museum is very good, the 15th century cloister is quite stunning. Theme of the exhibits is the influence of Cluny on the Camino and religious practise in Spain. If this is your thing, I highly recommend.
  10. TheBigT

    New religious heritage museum in Carrión de los Condes church

    I went there yesterday, first day open to the public in the evening I think. Wonderful displays and an innovative use of the partially collapsed church in the middle of town. Admission is free, I enjoyed a hour of reviewing the displays.
  11. TheBigT

    Train from Madrid to Irun

    At the beginning of March I took the following: 1) Train from Madrid to San Sebastion (overnight in SS) 2) Bus to Bayonne in France 3) Train from Bayonne to SJPP. Each leg of the trip was wonderful. Madrid to San Sebastián was spectacular through the multiple mountain ranges. Bus to Bayonne...
  12. TheBigT

    Sleep Apnea

    I made custom foam "sacs" for the main unit and water reservoir out of 3/8" dense sheet styrofoam and masking tape. Holding up well, weigh nothing.
  13. TheBigT

    Baggage Transfer from SJPDP to Roncesvalles

    Just did this last week. Jacotrans will pick up in SJPP.
  14. TheBigT

    Sleep Apnea

    I am on the way now with CPAP + other medical stuff. I just use the Jacotrans bag service for an extra bay with the medical stuff, backpack for everything else. Great way to go IMO. Works super well so far - from SJPP to Obanos.
  15. TheBigT

    Current Covid precautions on the Camino?

    On the way now, no precautions or rules in evidence. Even the "mask in pharmacy" rule seems to be observed sporadically.
  16. TheBigT

    Conditions in Roncesvalles

    In Pamplona today, just came SJPP/ Valcarlos/ Roncesvalles / Zubiri over the last 4 days (I am a slow goer). I concur with many comments above: 1) inform yourself of current weather 2) have proper clothes and shoes for the worst weather, as it can change in 15 min 3) start the day with proper...
  17. TheBigT

    I cannot post a thread directly to the Ride Share forum - it isn't on the list of forums for posting a thread

    Ah, thanks for the explanation. I was finding it a real head scratcher. :)
  18. TheBigT

    I cannot post a thread directly to the Ride Share forum - it isn't on the list of forums for posting a thread

    I cannot seem to post a thread directly to the Members Only Ride Share forum - it doesn't come up on the list of forums provided by the Post Thread button. I have just posted one over in the transportation forum with the ride share classification added. Can someone tell me how to post in the...
  19. TheBigT

    Looking for a ride share Pamplona Train Station to SJPP March 1 or 2, 2023

    Hi everyone. I am coming into Madrid late on the 28th, planning on taking the train to Pamplona on March 1 or 2 and then on to SJPP via taxi. Happy to share a cab if anyone else in coming in on those dates, thanks
  20. TheBigT

    Very impressive walk for a peregrino but I wonder if his companion thought it was a good idea

    As a more general observation, there has been a massive fall in the number of working agricultural animals due to automation of all kinds. A working donkey is a living donkey. No job, no-one wants them.

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