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  1. Herndon

    Mansilla de la Mulas to León: why bother?

    So I just walked this section in the last week...Actually did the Camino Madrid which merged at Sahagun, and left the Camino on Tuesday at is definitely not a beautiful section...but after seeing more Pilgrims in the first five minutes after joining the Francis, than in the previous 12...
  2. Herndon

    LIVE from the Camino Slow Camino de Madrid

    Saw our first other Pilgrim today. Day 6! On the Santa Maria to Coca stage nothing was open as far as services till we got to Nava de la Asuncion. Punto de Encuentro was the first place that was open and we didnt miss the opportunity to actually get something midday after the last two stages...
  3. Herndon

    Any Camino Madrid Update Try this.... we just finished day 6 and there are number of folks ahead of us who are staying in the akbergues. Tomorrow we will stay in Alcazaren. Good luck!
  4. Herndon

    LIVE from the Camino Slow Camino de Madrid

    We will keep looking.. we started on Tuesday, so we thought that most folks might be starting on the weekends.
  5. Herndon

    LIVE from the Camino Slow Camino de Madrid

    Appreciate the continued updates. In Santa Maria at Hostal Avano tonight. Will stay at at the Casa de la Paca in Coca tomorrow night. Will stay at the Albergue in Alacazaren on Monday. Been staying at hotels and haven't seen one other Peregrino on the road over the last five days. Is that...
  6. Herndon

    Multipurpose shoes for shower and town?

    Birkenstock. Actually bought them for stream crossings in the Sierras but they work amazingly well for both the shower and after hiking. Also give my feet time to air out and are super light. They look pretty dorky and I have to confess I made fun of people who wore sandals, especially...
  7. Herndon

    Experience taking hiking poles as carry on

    I just departed on Saturday from Dulles with my poles in backpack. They break down in three parts each. I have the rubber tips as well but haven't removed the metals tips underneath them. This is my fourth time since 2017 carrying my pack on board with the poles stored that way. Never an...
  8. Herndon

    LIVE from the Camino Slow Camino de Madrid

    Good info. I always get my credential ahead of time but I am behind the power curve and will need to pick up next Sunday or Monday before heading out on Tuesday from the Cathedral. Lodging is prebooked the first two nights in Madrid and the first three days of hiking. The rest we will play by...
  9. Herndon

    Article in the NYT about walking and Camino

    How can anyone look "handsome" next to one of icons of the 80's bratpack era? ;-)
  10. Herndon

    Article in the NYT about walking and Camino

    Another book I will have to read! I spent a couple of minutes chatting with Andrew McCarthy after he spoke at a travel show in Washington DC in 2019...nice guy... I think the article attached below has some good excerpts abouts the lessons learned on his first Camino, and although most of us...
  11. Herndon

    Camino de Madrid Trip Report - March 2023

    Wonderful report....I depart from Madrid on the 16th of May...planning 13 days to Sahagun, then on to Leon and the San Salvador...did you find lodging hard to find?
  12. Herndon

    Packing List : T shirts : Merino wool or synthetic quick dry ?

    I have tried them both and hands down, Merino is my favorite, ....I like Smartwool, but as pointed out already they are susceptible to getting holes...the last round I bought weren't 100% wool, so not sure if that would make a difference in the durability...I know a lot of the minimal purists...
  13. Herndon

    Personal report: my most challenging day on the Salvador

    I did the San Salvador in May/June this year. My hiking partner initially suggested five days...he lives in Europe and was staying in the same time zone...with me flying a red eye from the states and starting the hike the day after arrival, I talked him into six days instead of five...I'm not...
  14. Herndon

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    I hiked the Camino Frances in 2016 with boots the whole way...had nasty blisters from about day 3 to day 17...After Leon my feet toughened up, however I made the switch to Hoka Ones when I did Porto to Santiago in 2017, and Lisbon to Porto last year....also used them for hiking portions of the...
  15. Herndon

    Are Walking/Trekking Poles neccesary? Sleeping bag or Sleeping Bag liner

    Yes, even when I do training hikes on flat paths, wearing my pack, I use my poles...definitely keeps my hands from far as keeping balance, on my first Camino in 2016, the poles were particularly helpful the first several days during some sharp downhill segments...
  16. Herndon

    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute) I was getting ready to change careers after over thirty years I planned on taking several months to reset and figure out what I wanted to do next...I would frequently awake in the middle of the night and eventually give up on sleeping and turn on the TV...flipping channels...
  17. Herndon

    Possible explanation of why some of us do multiple Caminos or the same Camino multiple times

    On my first Camino on the second night I met a couple who had hiked the Camino multiple times. At that point I couldn't understand how anyone could do it more than one time...It was ok, but nine or ten times? No planning my fourth Camino for the Fall, obviously my opinion has...
  18. Herndon

    Anybody stayed at Pension Eirexe, Eirexe?

    I stayed there in May of 2016....the municipal alburgue next door was already full, and I had put in a long day...can't comment on the double, but had an individual bed with my own bathroom (25 Euros?)...clean....seem to remember a bar/restaurant across the street with a good meal....
  19. Herndon

    Roncesvalles... is just not for me

    Everything has to do with expectations...I did my first Camino in April 2016 and my expectations were formed by watching the "The Way" and reading the Brierly guide book...I told myself that if I didn't enjoy it I could always leave...hiking out of SJPD to Roncesvalles was challenging but...

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