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  1. Skinnybiker

    Cycling from Sarria

    Here's a link from a ride last year, may contain useful info? BR Skinnybiker
  2. Skinnybiker

    Lost & Found Lost cycling shorts between San Juan de Pineara and Mumayor

    Stop at the next bike shop or Decathlon for a new pair (or two). Losing stuff off your bike or leaving things behind in the hotel / hostel is all grist to the travel experience.
  3. Skinnybiker

    N120 Villafranca to Burgos cycling

    Here is my journal of that section, let us know your experience.
  4. Skinnybiker

    Bike Logistics Via de La Plata

    Well then, fly with the bike.
  5. Skinnybiker

    Bike Logistics Via de La Plata

    The way I do it / have done it is Correos the bike to Sevilla then you fly Vueling to SVQ. Correos will often get the bike to its destination in two (working) days - one day in Santiago then a day in Sevilla.
  6. Skinnybiker

    Le Puy-en-Velay to Santiago by bicycle: completed!

    Good stuff, buy your breakfast from the supermarket the night before for an early morning start. Richard
  7. Skinnybiker

    Charging electronic devices...

    Buy a dual port European charger, bring the cables you need, jobs a good 'un!
  8. Skinnybiker

    Lost & Found Found: Sleeping Bag

    Interesting, I picked up a sleeping bag on the way down from Mirador Alto de El Perdón, donated it to one of the albergues in León. Yes, travelling by bike.
  9. Skinnybiker

    Cycling Camino

    You don't say which camino you're riding; if the Frances then it will be pretty straightforward, just follow the peregrinos to Santiago. If heading towards the Primitivo there are a couple of websites you may find useful: and which...
  10. Skinnybiker

    Tips for biking the Primitivo please

    Hmm, that could be taken as a challenge for next year. A speed read through some websites indicates it's possible but not easy, a light rig and expect some hike-a-bike. Let us know how you get on, Mary.
  11. Skinnybiker

    Cycling Camino Portugues: googlemaps, touring vs mountain bike, gear

    OK, so your second post complements but also complicates the picture. Perhaps only you know what you can or cannot achieve; none of the Caminos are difficult or technical for anybody with your riding experience. Addressing your questions in sequence; Mid April the weather could still be wet...
  12. Skinnybiker

    Cycling Camino Portugues: googlemaps, touring vs mountain bike, gear

    A lot of questions, general and specific but don't sweat the small stuff. You'll be fit enough for the Portuguese. Caminos can be ridden on any bike, it depends whether you ride the Camino or the road. Use an OSM navigation app not GM. More tomorrow but you'll have several replies by then...
  13. Skinnybiker

    Cycling the camino from Mid August - But where? Via de la Plata, Ruta de Lana, Camino Olvidado? (Edit: The winner is Via Francigena)

    Living near the coast south of Cadiz I'd say forget the Plata unless you really do enjoy sizzling in the frying pan of southern, inland Andalucia, it can be brutal. A coastal camino would make more sense, Portuguese, Del Norte, Primitivo. Or starting from Sevilla head west to the Algarve then...
  14. Skinnybiker

    E bike Battery charging on the Plata

    After buying an eMTB a few months ago - mainly trail & dirt riding - I soon discovered that being economical with the power would extend its range somewhat. That is, use eco most of the time, trail if absolutely necessary and never use boost. Also switch off if going downhill, with the wind or...
  15. Skinnybiker

    Cycling The Francigena

    Search for relevant journals
  16. Skinnybiker

    Transit options back to Porto with bikes in October

    Rome2Rio indicates that Rede Expressos travel this route.
  17. Skinnybiker

    Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela with an Assembled Bicycle

    Making some assumptions here: you're Canadian so flying in to Barcelona with boxed bikes? you're on a Camino de Santiago forum so wish to follow some Camino(s)? you don't have time to a complete a circumnavigation of the Iberian peninsula? Now some suggestions / ideas: keep the bikes in their...
  18. Skinnybiker

    Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela with an Assembled Bicycle

    You're looking for MD (media distancia) or Cercanias (local trains) no assembled bikes allowed on the AVEs (fast trains). Along the North Coast is the FEVE train. Why not ride some of the route, it's a long way to take touring bikes on the trains. It would be interesting to know how you get...
  19. Skinnybiker

    Cobblestones on the Portugues

    Generally not cobble stones but setts, used a lot in Portugal, less often in Spain, presume they make for a hard wearing road surface. Messes up your arms and shoulders on a bike not your ankles.
  20. Skinnybiker


    Yo también, but the Camino is not a public footpath restricted only to pedestrians. In some countries (I'm thinking of one in particular) you're trespassing and likely to be shot, other countries enshrine public rights of way in their law, Spain is somewhat in-between. There may or may not be a...

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