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  1. kelleymac

    Packing shake down requested - Camino Frances - Oct/Nov

    Looks good to me! Buen Camino!
  2. kelleymac

    What to carry in my wallet

    I bought a small nylon light weight wallet that was big enough for euro bills. However, important never loose items (extra atm card, passport, extra credit card), went into a more secure location. Regarding more secure locations: As the weather was cool when I walked (spring and fall), I...
  3. kelleymac

    To book or not to book?

    We used the brierly guides and just didn't pay attention to the daily stops. We usually walked longer than suggested, and so ended up somewhere in the middle of brierly's planned day.
  4. kelleymac

    Es geht los (It's starting)

    Welcome Pilgrim. I wish you a buen camino. 🌻
  5. kelleymac

    Help me review this packing list for my students

    A few thoughts on the 10% weight limit. I am smallish and generally have to go over to about 15% (with water). I backpack with scouts and while we generally go with the 10-15% rule, youth who are overweight or obese are already hauling extra weight around and 10% is sometimes too much...
  6. kelleymac

    Help me review this packing list for my students

    You haven't mentioned layering -- which I'm sure you're aware of. I'd also steer l clear of cotton layers (long sleeve shirts). I walked in March and it was cold up in the hills. Not so cold down in Galicia. My top layers: bra, long sleeve thermal base layer, sweater, vest, jacket, rain...
  7. kelleymac

    Donegal Camino

    Here is a site with maps. The walks are loops-- not continuous, so it looks like a car would be needed. Donegal is fantastically beautiful.
  8. kelleymac

    Between the Path and the Way: A 1000 Mile Journal

    Hi Lea, You are so brave to publish your journal. I'd be afraid to put my heart out there. And your days are so beautifully described and written. Even though I read your pages day by day while you walked, (Did I ever thank you for posting them?), I'm buying a hard copy to put with my...
  9. kelleymac

    To guide book or not to guide book?

    I used the Brierly on the Frances. A hard copy with maps. Also, before I walked I read some of "The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook" by Gitlitz and Davidson. Then downloaded it onto my kindle and in the evenings at albergues or during a stop along the way, I would...
  10. kelleymac

    Storage in Refugios/Albergues

    I just leave my pack outside when I go into a shop or cafe... In some places, I have used a zip tie to connect the pack to a chair or a table or something. Then no one can just grab it without a heck of a clatter. My valuables are on always on me.
  11. kelleymac

    Finding this a bit lonely

    You may want to reconsider your decision on only private accommodations and try out an albergue or two. - Or maybe just go over and make supper at an albergue. My teenage son and I often made too much food for dinner, at first by accident and then on purpose. We would serve dinner to a few...
  12. kelleymac

    Paris to St. Jean Transportation

    I agree with the posts above about how to book a train. You might also look at the website Rome2Rio for travel options, and the Man in Seat 61 ( for information on trains and ticket specials and deals in europe and the UK. Buen Camino!
  13. kelleymac

    Favourite Accommodation Splurge along the Camino

    My son and I stayed at the Hotel Real Collegiata in Leon for two nights in 2015. (We were getting over jet lag, starting our walk from Leon.) It's a great place to stay, the tour was included for guests, and St. Isidoro was right next door. -- I only wish I had booked dinner there! It was a...
  14. kelleymac

    Hello all! Ideas for squeezing the Camino Francés into 25 days

    Perhaps you can pick up some time by biking in a few sections, maybe the Meseta and someone just posted that you can rent a bike at O'Cebriero down to Tricastela. But imho I would start at Burgos if I had just 25 days, or start at SJPP and walk for 23 days, then take the train or bus to...
  15. kelleymac

    LIVE from the Camino Via Geneva and Le Puy en Velay

    Thanks for posting this update. Did you find that there were more people starting in Le Puy? I walked from Le Puy to Conques in 2017 and have been thinking of doing it again. How are the gîtes and campsites? I stayed at one in Saugues that was great. I traveled in late September and the...
  16. kelleymac

    Sending stuff to Santiago??

    Look here for info on Ivar's place. We used his service a few years ago, mailing from Burgos.
  17. kelleymac

    Late night arrivals

    I always stay there. :)
  18. kelleymac

    Which jacket?

    You have plenty to keep yourself warm. I've walked in the early spring and the fall. -- fyi, I took a warm base layer, a vest with primaloft, a jacket with primaloft and a rain jacket. All LLBean gear. For the bottom half I took a pair of hiking pants with micro fleece lining and changed to...
  19. kelleymac

    First timer tips afterwards - blister

    Another thought and memory. When my feet got a lot of blisters, I didn't want to look at them. That ended up with me not changing the bandaging often enough, and not washing my feet enough (I was embarrassed and tired). I had blisters on the bottom of my feet and the sides, and I damaged my...

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