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  1. jpflavin1

    where to get Pilgrim Passport in Leon

    Thanks for the feedback. I thought there might be a place on the way. I will go back to the Benedictines and pick up a passport
  2. jpflavin1

    where to get Pilgrim Passport in Leon

    I know the Convent and Albergue Asia both have them but that is going backward. I was hoping someone new of a place near or west of the tren estacion. I want to start walking upon arrival.
  3. jpflavin1

    where to get Pilgrim Passport in Leon

    I will be arriving in Leon on Tuesday 27/6/2023. I am looking for a place to get a Pilgrim passport near the train station. I intend to start walking upon arrival, so as close to train station as possible. Gracias
  4. jpflavin1

    Advice wanted on a good endpoint for 21/22 days from Sjpdp

    If you average 30k a day, I would say Ponferrada or maybe even O'Cebreiro.
  5. jpflavin1

    numbers on the Frances

    I have a friend starting their first Camino in a few days. I was wondering how the numbers of Pilgrims are on that route. Numbers starting in SJPdP?
  6. jpflavin1

    Instead of Sarria to Santiago-any other100-150 km on the Frances

    I would start in SJPdP. There you are most likely to encounter first time walkers like yourself and be able to share, from the start, similar experiences. If you start somewhere else many of the Pilgrims you encounter will be part of established groups with shared experiences. I am not saying...
  7. jpflavin1

    Food on the Camino, what do you miss?

    Those baby lamb chops, Chuleton, a variety of queso's, vino tinto y orujo
  8. jpflavin1

    Policia and Pilgrims

    Never listening to what others say can potentially be a risky approach. The individual who started this thread received a comment from someone they know and have taken that thought to the forum for additional inputs. They now have many inputs and can make their own decision on the validity of...
  9. jpflavin1

    Policia and Pilgrims

    There is one stop on the Camino Vasco where you pick up the key to the Muni albergue at the Police station. My experience with the Police in Spain has always been helpful. I even walked for a few days with a Policeman from Pamplona on the VdlP. We still keep in touch.
  10. jpflavin1

    How much did you spend and what was the total cost of your Camino Frances, start to finish?

    Buy a ticket two to three months in advance. Over the year I put $200. @ month into a Schwab account. Then just go. I daily look at Gronze to see what is ahead of me and based on options and weather conditions walk on average 25-40km's. On a rare day 50km's I do not book ahead and have only had...
  11. jpflavin1

    How much did you spend and what was the total cost of your Camino Frances, start to finish?

    I have walked 10 Camino's in the last 12 years I spent between $800. to $1300. on food and accommodation. My camino's lasted 25-33 days. I had Pilgrim meals, menu del dia and rarely cooked except when with a group or a communal meal. Occasionally a nice dinner on walk and always in Santiago...
  12. jpflavin1

    LIVE from the Camino @futurefjp on the Camino de Madrid

    I always called this the bleeding forest. Resin collection for adhesive making?
  13. jpflavin1

    LIVE from the Camino Tres Cantos -- camino goes past town not into it -- and more, on Camino de Madrid

    I walked this route last Fall and the arrows could definitely use a touching up in Madrid. The Camino passes Tres Cantos but it is very visible just across the highway. The walkway is right by, what used to be, The Hotel Europa. This Camino is like a mini Frances, imo. mountains early then...
  14. jpflavin1

    LIVE from the Camino Ethics Question -- to walk or not to walk?

    One of the biggest challenges, imo, is walking with someone else. I would suggest you sit down over a glass of wine and both discuss your thoughts on moving forward. Then make a decision and proceed. Buen Camino Joe
  15. jpflavin1

    Advice: Restart Camino from SJPP or from where I left off 5 years ago?

    Time is not a factor? That, to me, says go back to the beginning.
  16. jpflavin1

    How fast do you walk on the Camino?

    3 to 4 mph (5 to 6.5 kph), 6-8 hours per day. The variation is dependent on terrain, weather and route. Some Camino's like Frances there are frequent accommodations. The VdlP not so much.
  17. jpflavin1

    Husband wants to come with me!

    I like the idea of starting in Leon. You start with some gentle days to warm up and then can possibly make Santiago. You get a nice flavor of this Camino. Starting in SJPdP might be a bit challenging for someone a bit out of condition.
  18. jpflavin1

    LIVE from the Camino Live on Camino Madrid

    The Madrid is a very rural walk after Segovia. I have not seen more postings from Amy since Alcazaren regarding accommodation. Peregrino Paul starts his walk on May 14th and could provide feedback on what is and isn't open. I walked this route Fall 2021 and found accommodation so lacking after...
  19. jpflavin1

    LIVE from the Camino Live on Camino Madrid

    Bummer, I have never had a reservation there. I just always walked up. If I read the response correctly, there are just not taking reservations in advance. You can always call the day before to check if availability. Is all accommodation in town reserved?

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