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    Selfie stick - to bring or not to bring

    I bought a bluetooth enabled selfie stick and took the top off and attached it to one of my poles so I had it hand all the time, the reach wasn’t as good as the stick but happy enough. The trick is the make these things handy otherwise you will not use them
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD PCR test for crossing from Spain by bus or taxi to France for SJPP?

    Hi Darcy, I’m in the same boat as you. Going to Pamplona tomorrrow, I’m going to take the bus to Roncasvalles on Monday and either get a taxi to the border and walk the valley route back to Roncasvalles or walk the Napoleon route to the border and walk back that way. I figure at the moment that...
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    Roncesvalles to France

    Thanks, that was what I was thinking. It’s an extra day of lovely walking, how can that not be good. I was thinking of back tracking up the Napoleon route, it was the way I walked before and was thinking it would be the more scenic route.
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    Roncesvalles to France

    Hi all, because of all the COVID border issues currently We are thinking of going to Roncesvalles (we are currently near Malaga) and walking up to and then back from the border. I walked from SJPdP to Santiago in 2001 and loved (hated??) the walk over so I think this will be the best next thing...

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