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  1. Doingit

    Advice for walking from Roncesvalles to Zubiri

    I agree with this comment. Not going on the camino after Viskaret especially if wet. I was delighted i had walking poles. A must actually on the Camino in general. I did it. Took a while and i had to stop regularly. I am not sure about the road.
  2. Doingit

    HOKA warning

    same here with the Bondi model
  3. Doingit

    Intermittent fasting on the Camino

    I have done IF on the camino. I started walking at 6 am for cool weather and walked until about 9 am where I would find a village and have breakfast. Rare were the albergues where I was which had breakfast. I had some lunch depending on the menu appealing or not it could be more or less...
  4. Doingit

    Hoka Shoe Owners: Speedgoat 5 or the Bondi 8?

    I've walked with the Bondi 8 and they were perfect for me. Needed good shoes for a knee with several ACl surgeries. Found them comfortable and good grip.
  5. Doingit

    HOKA warning

    I just did 300 km with my HOka and loved them. Met also other walkers with the speed goats and did very well. I have had 5 knee surgeries on one knee and the Hoka Bonddi have been comfortable and perfect for my camino. Just one to give another perspective on the shoes. Might have been a...
  6. Doingit

    Meals in Roncesvalles, worth it?

    The last dinner is at 8:30. Mass is at 8:00. Many Pilgrims went to mass then to dinner. I believe there was a 7:30 dinner that was already booked when I arrived at 3pm. It was so crowded on Wednesday night ! Very rigid management. Met people who were like me quite surprised. Buen camino!
  7. Doingit

    Best App camino frances

    Thanks. I have downloaded the apps you mention and bringing the book. I was not sure if one had the best maps, comments and albergues all in one! I have to check OSMAnd , do not know this one. Appreciate you taking the time
  8. Doingit

    Best App camino frances

    In a week I will start my camino and am almost ready. What app in your experience is the best for following the route on the Camino Frances from SJPP , list of albergues etc... I saw that ninja highly rated is no longer available
  9. Doingit

    US/EU Outlet Adapter with USB Ports - Any Experience Using?

    taping it is great advice...lost a few while traveling!
  10. Doingit

    Camino de Costa Rica

    my daughter lives in San Jose and I believe she is registered to do it in May. Next time I'm visiting will look into it.
  11. Doingit

    Planes & Poles … recent revision?

    check Decathlon stores - it is a chain of french sports store with good equipment. There are poles in all price ranges. This is what i will be doing when i start in 3 weeks. Im sure there are other stores in SJPP or on the Spanish side
  12. Doingit

    Do these earplugs work?

    if you go to a french pharmacie , they have a small white box of Boule Quies , they are wax and totally moldable. this is for me the best one but have never tried them on the Camino... hope they work in three weeks :)
  13. Doingit

    Bus from SJPP to Roncevalles late April 2023

    Thank you for your information. I have contacted them but found their price a bit steep. Buen Camino
  14. Doingit

    Bus from SJPP to Roncevalles late April 2023

    Thank you. I am french actually but have not lived in France for over 40 years. I will be in France at the time. I want to see what SJPP is all about and get started there. Buen Camino
  15. Doingit

    Bus from SJPP to Roncevalles late April 2023

    I am off in three weeks ( April 25 or 26) and will not be able to walk up to Roncevalles but would like to start my Camino from there as the walk seems beautiful and is a place Ive always wanted to go to (Roland and Charlemagne) . I have two weeks for my walk in 2023 and expect to be finishing...
  16. Doingit

    Guidebook Format

    I am on my way late April on the Camino. Frances and have not been able to find the NINJA app? Is it no longer available? I am looking for a planning app and resources on available lodging and interesting stops. ANy recommendations? Thanks

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