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    Apples oranges chalk cheese making comparisons is difficult. Perhaps because the Shikoku route often follows a roadway there are plenty of public washrooms (some with heated seats), public bathhouses, convenience stores & vending machines(food & drink). Rustic shelters v/s a room at a Paradore -...
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    Books by Women Walking

    You might enjoy - "Walking Home" by Sonia Choquette "Two Steps Forward" by Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist
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    The Way of the 88 Temples - Journeys on the Shikoku Pilgrimage

    Don't be sad be happy! I walked the 88 temples in 2016 and did not see any tsunami damage. Johnnie Walker has walked it and blogged about his experience. The Japanese people were so kind, helpful, generous -- The Memories will always bring smiles and tears.
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    Anyone planning an April '14 Camino?

    I plan on leaving Valencia Mar 29. Following in Laurie's footsteps .-.-. again. Thank you! I hope I meet George, Donovan, Seamus, and ----- at some point along the way. Hasta Luego, David
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    I stayed at the albergue in Ane on Apr. 2 2012 and found it quite adequate. On Apr. 3 I checked out the albergue in Nava de la Asuncion and although its location (under the stands at a bullring) is unique it made the albergue in Ane seem like a parador. Buen Camino Solong
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    Stayed at albergue in Añe Apr 2 2012. 2 rooms with about 15 beds total. Lots of hot water and reasonably clean. Lady at newer house as one enters town has key. Everyone knows who she is and will direct you. Good value for money. Solong
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    Starting end march/april

    Dear Ria: I walked out of Granada Mar 13 2010. I did not have the benefit of Conrad Stein's guide. I used Alison Raju's pilgrim guide. I had difficulty finding way marks before I reached Baena . That might be because I had not developed proper trail finding skills. I think Spring 2010 may have...
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    Has anyone walked from Granada to Santiago?

    Dear Alexandra: I walked from Granada to Seville in Spring of 2110, aged 65. Tony Kevin was my inspiration. Much later in Albergueria where TK's shell is posted next to the bar, I met 2 Australians who said they were going to write a sequel to Tony's book "Granada to Santiago on 100 Euros a...
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    Camino Madrid and Inveirno

    Hi Sharon: After Easter makes sense. We should keep in touch as the countdown progresses. Regards David
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    Camino Madrid and Inveirno

    Hola Sharon: I have been thinking of walking from Madrid to Santiago in April 2012. I walked the Camino Francais in 2008 & then the Camino Mozarabe/Via de la Plata 2010. I remember how excited I was to meet pilgrims in Merida after walking alone from Grenada. I am 67 years old and a Canadian...
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    Class of 2010

    Hola Aleesha: I too read Tony Kevin's book. I'm scheduled to arrive in Granada Mar. 10th, and plan to make my way towards Santiago a few days later. I think Tony said(2006) that he did not meet any pilgrims until after he arrived in Merida. I hope you decide to walk the Camino Mozarabe and...
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    Granada - Merida-Salamanca

    Hello Gyro:   Have you read Tony Kevin's book "Walking the Path"?He walked from Granada to Santiago in 2006. Always relevant as a meditative journey, it also includes historical perspectives and observations on contemprary Spain.

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