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    Transportation from SJPP to USA

    Here is an option for consideration. Get Express Bourricot (shuttle service in SJPP) to drive you to Biarritz Airport. Book a flight to Dublin on Ryan Air and then book onward travel to Boston (with Aer Lingus as an example). I've actually done this several times in reverse.
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    Easter Sunday 2024 - March 31. What does this mean?

    Oh Seville on Easter - it is a sight to see. So much fun as are other major cities like Leon. As previously suggested, try to stay there for the activities Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday. Easter Monday is also a holiday but that would be the day, I recommend you start your journey.
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    Ride share Transfer Share from Biarritz Airport to SJPP 4pm 10 October 2023

    I suggest that you reach out to Express Bourricot - I always use them and in fact I typically arrive on the same flight as you are taking. For a full van of 8 people, you fee could be something like 19 euro each.
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    April vs May on the Camino Frances

    Well, while asleep in Zubiri, the snow fell so starting the trek was a bit hilarious as I am an early riser. So, few if any footsteps to follow. But it was absolutely beautiful and I hope that one day soon, I'll have the opportunity to repeat the joyous activity. The following day departing...
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    April vs May on the Camino Frances

    I started from SJPP on March 30, 2021. I also started in May, 2013. Between the two, I would pick the earlier - April on the Frances is wonderful for many reasons. The weather, although cold and snowy in 2021, was fabulous. You certainly can not go wrong with either choice but my vote is April!
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    Boxer shorts - any recommendations

    Runderwear!! Great.
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    Favourite Socks

    I'm a big fan of Wrightsocks. I use them always when hiking or any physical activity. They are double layered - essentially a liner sewn within the outer sock. Very comfortable and I never ever had a blister.
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    Scallop Shell

    I live on the Jersey shore so prior to any of my Caminos, I gather several local scallop shells. I have my grandkids from each of my 4 children paint the cross of St James upon them (and very often more than that - haha). I tie them to my backpack and they serve as a constant reminder of family.
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    Opinions on Meseta

    Ha - I wanted to see Elvis in Releigos last year as well. But guess what, he was closed - on a Saturday!! Augh I have no idea if he is still in operation.
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    The new Rule 3 - no more tourist vs. pilgrim debates

    Be Kind - very simple. Be kind.
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    Anyone know why Spanish people put water bottles outside their front door?

    My wife and I first walked the Camino in 2013. Since then, she has a 1L bottle filled with water sitting in front of our mail box. I often see passing dogs peeing on that bottle and walk away with a snicker.
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    The 3 most 'memorable' Albergues you stayed in - and Why

    Indeed Albergue So Por Hoja in Astorga is very good. That Brazilian woman owns it and she immigrated along with her daughter. She is the cousin (I believe this is the relationship) of Jose who owns the Hostal Casa San Nicolas in Molinaseca. Jose and his wife owns this place and it is very...
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    Resources for Overseas (back to US) Shipping

    This might help:
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    Reflections of the Frances Camino by 2017 Pilgrims

    Hi there. What a coincidence - One of my Caminos took place during September, 2017 which evidently coincides with the dates on your tag.
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    Santiago de Compostela best restaurant

    I'm a fan of El Papatorio whenever I am in SdC. Great beef dishes and accompanied by a choice of fresh seafood makes for a really nice dinner.
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    what to do with pack while in a cathedral

    Waugh converted to Catholicism in his late twenties I believe.
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    Proximity of Hormilla to the Camino Frances

    Last year when I entered Najera, all of the albergues were full. A fellow peregrino and I found Pension San Lorenzo and shared a room for a reasonable price - it was pretty good; two single beds, a bathroom but no breakfast. Just a couple of blocks from the river. Just a thought for you.
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    Mansilla de la Mulas to León: why bother?

    I actually enjoyed the very early morning walk from Mansilla de la Mulas to Leon on Easter morning 2022. Certainly nothing opened to grab a coffee but perhaps given the holiday, it was serene, quiet and welcoming. I would do it again. And again.
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    Flying Ryanair from SCQ to Madrid

    I've done this exact route SCQ - MAD - EWR (USA) twice before without issue. I've never had an issue with Ryan Air to be honest. I have flown them many times as I actually worked in Limerick for several years and was a frequent traveler with them. As a counter balance, I have actually taken...
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    Opinions please days 3 - 7; SJPDP to Uterga. Off & short-stage.

    My first night after SJPP (March 29, 2022) , I stayed in Burguete in a brand new albergue (so its now about 16 months since its opening) called Lorentx Alterpea. It was spotlessly clean with nice beds and great showers/bathrooms. It's on the main road about 100 yards prior to the main square...

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