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  1. Paul Wilson

    LIVE from the Camino St Jean to Muxia in 20 days - or less !!

    @tigermike a friend of mine once ran the entire mainland coast of the UK, a marathon a day, it took him almost a year…why did he do it…because he wanted to try 🤷🏼‍♂️ adventure sometimes lies in a mad cap idea which clearly until the point of stopping brought you great pleasure. I still applaud...
  2. Paul Wilson

    LIVE from the Camino St Jean to Muxia in 20 days - or less !!

    541km in 12 days and he calls that failed 🤦🏼‍♂️ as someone who has “paused” a camino before (shin splints) I know the next few days will be mentally difficult but you have invigorated and enthused many on here with your exploit, I personally loved checking to see how you were doing so as us...
  3. Paul Wilson

    LIVE from the Camino St Jean to Muxia in 20 days - or less !!

    The Camino remains and eventually the journey continues…rest and heal perigrino the Way awaits your return but I salute what you did achieve 👍 buen camino mi amigo
  4. Paul Wilson

    LIVE from the Camino St Jean to Muxia in 20 days - or less !!

    Thanks for the update, I’m fairly confident I’m not the only random stranger who was starting to worry that we hadn’t heard from him but he’s clearly in the zone now, best of luck to him 👍
  5. Paul Wilson

    Best way to get from Tui to Pontevedra?

    Don’t forget the time difference between Tui and Valenca you don’t want to miss your train 😱
  6. Paul Wilson

    St Jean to Muxia in 20 days - or less!

    Good luck, hope you get time for a few updates 👍
  7. Paul Wilson

    Early flights

    School boy error there Andy, when they call last orders always get a double round it will see you through until nap time 😉 and how civilised is it to have a smoking area in the airport 👍 thanks for sharing your journey again it gives great help to us “overs” (over 50, overweight, over indulger)...
  8. Paul Wilson

    Should we give recommendations on the forum?

    I find most of my recommendations would be coloured by the reception you receive on arrival and the pilgrims you share your experience with so for me I think you would struggle to have the same experience twice (although I do have a few favourites I would love to go back to) in fact my favourite...
  9. Paul Wilson

    Dull, boring, urban and sketchy (sketchy?)

    @Tincatinker well that thread took a sudden twist not sure how it has all resolved itself because I’ve skipped the posts in the middle 😉🤣 For what it’s worth I’ve walked and I’ve bussed along the Camino (due to an injury) and I learned that for me (yes it’s my opinion therefor incontestable)...
  10. Paul Wilson

    Walking the Camino with Parkinson's

    My post was removed for being classed as “medical advice” (fair enough as I gave an opinion) but it was a link to caffeine and it’s effects on Parkinson’s the link was from a renowned and respected research group in Uk with similar papers published by groups around the world so to avoid giving...
  11. Paul Wilson

    Lidl UK RockTrail’ Hiking Gear

    I used Lidl walking poles for years they were fantastic, eventually gave them to a fellow pilgrim in SJPdP on my way home in 2022 (her newly purchased poles were broken) I hope they saw her to Santiago 👍
  12. Paul Wilson

    How to get a Compostela on behalf of someone else?

    I’ve attached mine I just asked them to add a “Vicarie pro” to my compostela as you can see your name is filled in and then the person you are walking for is added below
  13. Paul Wilson

    How do these stages sound? Tui to Santiago

    This was my first camino as well and loved it, although we made a stop between Padron and Santiago at Faramello I think and with an early start the next day arrived around 9am in Santiago Buen Camino
  14. Paul Wilson

    What happened to Forum member Alexwalker?

    It seems the Camino and the fire brigade have something in common, I recently met up with some old colleagues and the first 30mins was a list of ailments and medications 🤦🏼‍♂️ for me it was shin splints, clicky left knee, sciatica, clicky right wrist, frozen shoulder and that was just the...
  15. Paul Wilson

    Hiking skirts ... For men

    These are a very good option for those who are interested
  16. Paul Wilson

    Hello from Newbie - favorite podcasts, youtubes, etc.?

    I like John Sikoras YouTube videos
  17. Paul Wilson

    Hiking skirts ... For men

    I’m planning on wearing my lightweight kilt on one of my future caminos but my StepOne boxers will be a must 🤣
  18. Paul Wilson

    How Important Was It To You To Do "Full" CF ?

    When preparing to do the CF I had it in my mind that you “must” do SJPdP to SdC in one go, then covid came along and logistics changed so I went back and did my second attempt from where I stopped previously but injury ended that one early and I will go back and carry on from where I stopped...
  19. Paul Wilson

    Auberge picks

    I enjoyed my night at Auberge Borda just after Orisson and it was a nice relaxed way to start my journey 👍
  20. Paul Wilson

    Trail runners (waterproof and regular) for the Le Puy in April/May?

    I wear Reebok gore tex trail runners (probably because most of my walking is in Scotland) and they work for me in I tried the regular version and found my feet get wet very quickly although the shoes do dry quickly I don’t find my feet get sweaty with the gore tex shoe. I also use memory foam...

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