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    Camino Frances to be or not to be :(

    Thank you 🙏
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    Camino Frances to be or not to be :(

    People with first hand experience please tell me. I set of on Saturday next week and I’m fearful, people are saying things like “it’s not the Camino anymore it’s overrun with pilgrims” “it’s selfish to walk the Frances now with how overwhelmed it is”… I only booked a bed for 5 nights now I’m...
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    RETHINK walking the Frances

    Me too 😢
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    Pre Camino Frances nerves

    Hi all I start my camino on the 7th I’ve seen some post about not getting a bed and now I’ve got cold feet I’ve pre booked my first 3 days…. Should I be thinking further ahead? Thank you kindly x
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    Altras Lone Peak 6 + Flat Feet

    Thanks so much for replying, can you recommended any insoles? I just hope i dont need to buy new shoes, and isoles will work in the altras, they are SUPER comfy but have experianced slight aches and arch pain since wearing them xx
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    Altras Lone Peak 6 + Flat Feet

    Hi all, About to start the Camino Frances in may, I have purchased Altras and have been wearing them the last few weeks. I went to see a physio today and she told me not to wear Zero drop for the camino. Im just curious if anyone has experience with Zero drop and Long hikes? Debating whether to...

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