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  1. Northern Laurie

    Blisters on soles of feet

    I won’t weigh into treatment, but do check your sock and shoe situation. You want to make sure your sock is not rubbing excessively against your foot. That might happen if your foot is moving around too much in the shoe, your shoe has a worn spot inside that doesn’t allow your sock to move...
  2. Northern Laurie

    Distances fitness versus tiredness

    In general your muscles will get stronger and you probably will average longer distances towards the end, unless you start to get joint pain. The last three days before Santiago, my knees started aching. That continued for a month after my return, so I am glad I was done when I was done. I...
  3. Northern Laurie

    Useful Items from the Dollarstore to take with ? On a budget

    I got a hand-me-down backpack, but65L size... super comfy but on the big side. So my dollar store purchases: -two packing cubes(rectangular bags for packing clothes). Made for brilliant mornings and nights cuz nothing fell to the bottom of the back pack. -toothbrush -mini ziplocks for pills...
  4. Northern Laurie

    Low Cost Camino Norte Please Help

    I should warn you that not many albergues I stayed at included meals. Others may have had a different experience. The albergues that did have meals almost always had a vegetarian option: vegetarian options in restaurants were more challenging but still doable. The biggest challenge I had was...
  5. Northern Laurie

    Macabi skirt - which colour

    Charcoal, long and full. I did clip it up in the shorter setting about 25% of the time, usually on especially hot days. I liked the neutral colour. And I liked creating a breeze on my legs. FYI I am 5’8” for height reference.
  6. Northern Laurie

    What did you do with your compostella/shell

    I gave my shell to someone whom I love and who was talking about the Camino the same way I did 10years before I finally did it-like something he wants to do, that can see himself doing , but which seems out of grasp. I hope he takes the shell with him when he finally goes!
  7. Northern Laurie

    Single Use Plastics

    Can they be recycled in Spain? In my home town bags can only be recycled in a limited number of places or they contaminate other recyclables.
  8. Northern Laurie

    Low Cost Camino Norte Please Help

    I walked the Norte last year and stayed at albergues for about 75% if the time. There are different systems in each province so I found a lot of variability in cost and services along the way. In Basque region, many of the donativos were temporary facilities in schools and other community...
  9. Northern Laurie

    Cell phone manners at night

    Some of the albergues I stayed in did not have common rooms, and sometimes I was in the top bunk of an extremely wobbly bunk bed. There was a 9 hour time difference between home and Spain, and I desperately wanted to check in with my spouse, so we would have text conversations in the evenings...
  10. Northern Laurie

    Stage 31 - Comino Del Norte

    I stayed at Roxica. It is a very small albergue and they do take reservations. I would recommend you make them. Very nice hosts and provided a home cooked meal. That leaves a nice short day to sobrado dos monxes. The monastery is closed in the afternoon-you can choose to arrive early and...
  11. Northern Laurie

    What if I don't have a cell phone?

    I did the Norte last year. I brought my phone, ereader and DSLR camera. While holding back tears I mailed on my DSLR and ereader cuz my foot couldn’t tolerate the weight. My phone replaced both. It was my source of music between Gijon and Aviles. I used almost every night to post updates...
  12. Northern Laurie

    Tipping point

    I feel like there were so many tipping points-including at Monte de Gozo. You might say I was a late bloomer! One of the tipping points had to do with why I was walking. I had planned to be able to say good bye to my mother. To let go, 5 years after she’d died. Instead on a tough day, where...
  13. Northern Laurie

    Sarong or quick dry towel?

    I took both. Wonderful.
  14. Northern Laurie

    Nontoxic/Natural remedies for el Camino! Medicine kit!

    Just be careful about essential oils in a crowded albergue. Some people have trouble with strong scents. Then again... some appreciate them . Make sure you don’t have any sensitivity to oils you think you might use.
  15. Northern Laurie

    Camino prep Q's - last minute camino please help!

    1). I hate being sleep deprived and tend to be unpleasant company when short on sleep. I don’t adjust to jet lag comfortably and it takes a few days (I had a 8 hour time change). I happened to have two weeks to acclimatize before walking, so jet lag was a none issue. But I would want to have at...
  16. Northern Laurie

    4 gear questions: Keen sandals, dry sack, Euroschirm umbrella, Macabi skirt

    The pockets are amazing!!! Especially the clever passport pocket.
  17. Northern Laurie

    4 gear questions: Keen sandals, dry sack, Euroschirm umbrella, Macabi skirt

    DUCK ;) I loved my long Macabi and clipped it up into a short skirt quite often. I’m 5’9” and the standard long came down to my ankles. Sometimes I wore it low on my hips; sometimes higher. It was important to me to wear a long skirt. The waist sizing is very forgiving. Elastic plus a...
  18. Northern Laurie

    Packing List - What's missing?

    I brought two pairs of Jockey Slip Shorts-they worked as pjs and I washed them everyday. The only problem... the last 100km they kept rolling up because I’d lost fat. I prefer skirt and top combos rather than dresses-more flexibility, and the Macabi was long enough I could also use it as an...
  19. Northern Laurie

    Looking for cartoon style artwork

    Same place I was thinking.
  20. Northern Laurie

    dreadful walk,awful people,

    Oh YES! There was a series of days towards the end where I felt like I had really made the wrong decision. I found myself hanging out with a couple that were comparing the Norte to the Frances, and complaining bitterly and loudly about the disappointment. I called them Joy Thieves and I...

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