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  1. grayland

    Bad weather.

    The news reports indicate that there has been significant damage and casualties. I have not seen any posts from people walking in the affected areas so am not sure what impact in may have had on the caminos. The path appears to include Porto all the way east to Leon on the Camino Frances.
  2. grayland

    Traffic jam on the San Salvador

    I was once on the VdlP in mid August. There were no other pilgrims between Sevillia and Salamanca because of the overwhelming heat. But....one night there were about 9 people in one albergue. I thought they were pilgrims at first but it became apparent that they were not. I had thought that...
  3. grayland

    Who calibrates the cheatometer??

    We have Many threads on this topic....it never ends well. It may be better if we close this one for further comments for now. If you would like to comment on this subject....a simple search will bring up many threads with the same topic. Thanks for understanding.
  4. grayland

    Advice to New Walkers: Leave Cherished Items at HOME!

    And.....once again a reminder to put your email address on everything including your pack, credential, National Passport, money purse, glasses, jackets, poles, day packs.....everything. It is amazing how easy it is to leave something in a bar, or to drop it while walking....and every albergue...
  5. grayland

    Black Diamond hiking poles problems

    I have over 5000 km on my BD Zpoles (carbon). I normally only use them when climbing or descending and fold them often.I seem to have no problems and show no signs of wear like those in the pictures appear to show. I almost never leave them extended for any period of time. Always fold them...
  6. grayland

    Taxi Share Blablacar

    Perhaps someone who is familiar with Blablacar could write a simple explanation of what service it provides and how (and where) it works in relationship with Camino activities. A simple description would be enough...just an explanation as to why it is a useful resource to members. Details...
  7. grayland

    Live-in help required

    This thread is closed for further comments for now.
  8. grayland


    A CAUTION to all.... that posts with political references (disguised or not) will be deleted without comment. This thread has remained respectful and thoughtful thus far....but please be cautious that your personal political opinions are not included in your posts. Thanks for respecting the...
  9. grayland

    Albergue in Rates not friendly towards luggage transfer

    There have been many opinions shared in this thread with different points of view expressed without rudeness or using the "J" word. Thanks to all who have shared experiences and opinions. Again to those who seemingly have misinterpreted some posts and mistakenly come to believe that anyone...
  10. grayland

    Albergue in Rates not friendly towards luggage transfer

    It it very important to understand that no one has posted any negative comment directed toward anyone who may have a physical or medical restriction. In actual fact..this point is made in all discussions on this subject.
  11. grayland

    Albergue in Rates not friendly towards luggage transfer

    Bravo..Bradypus. You have managed to state the heartfelt feelings of many of us..especially those whose introduction to the camino dates before the current fad. It is most depressing to hear those who are in the early planning stages be excited about the "luggage" service. The description of...
  12. grayland

    Irún to San Sebastián - how long?

    It would be a pretty good haul to make it after traveling all day. Many people elect to make it in two days from Irun to SB under good conditions....so just an afternoon would not make a lot of sense when just starting out. Why not strart out from Irun and stay after a couple of hours. That...
  13. grayland

    Dazed, Amazed, Confused......& ‘HOME’

    I feel much of the difficulty, stress and "hardship" some people experience on the Napolean route is caused by the anxiety that is built up by reading all of the stories about the horrors of "crossing the Pyrenees".
  14. grayland

    Dazed, Amazed, Confused......& ‘HOME’

    1. The only requirement for two stamps is from the last 100km which is Sarria on the CF. 2. Hundreds of people (most unprepared) walk from SJPP to Roncesvalles every day. Some stop at Orisson..but they have very limited beds and the great majority simply walk to Roncesvalles. 3. The Napolean...
  15. grayland

    Question about Albergue in San Juan de Ortega

    A bed and any meal for 10 euro is an unbelievable bargain anywhere in the world. It isn't about the price...but about the sad condition and management.
  16. grayland

    Reflective tape and Gortex

    I have a number of reflective vests, belts, tape, etc. that I have used over the years. I had never found one that was "ideal' for my use. I walk on many local streets and roads, often in the evening, and need high viz to feel safe. This vest is far better than any of the others I have...
  17. grayland

    Reflective tape and Gortex

    Here is a link to the IKEA site with the reflective vest for $4.99 This is the U.S. site but understand the UK site also offers them. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10315735/
  18. grayland

    Best place to start on CdF to introduce a newby??

    I have walked both routes several times in different seasons. The difference in difficulty and history is far overblown in regard to the Napolean Route. The myth grows every year.
  19. grayland

    Reflective tape and Gortex

    IKEA offers a great vest for under $5.00. It weighs about 1 oz and folds into a small thin square less than th palm of your hand. Always get the Large size as they run small. There was a recent thread on the very good poncho that IKEA offers for the same cheap price. The vests are available...

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