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  1. KiwiNomad06

    Cammino di Assisi

    Hi there When I was walking some of this route in 2015, I met a fit, seasoned Camino pilgrim who was headed for Santiago again, and who was using an Italian guidebook. He had just walked an incredibly long day because of the 'time' indications in the guide. It seemed like they were always worked...
  2. KiwiNomad06

    I am the same KiwiNomad but have reduced my Flickr presence- they probably were my photos, but...

    I am the same KiwiNomad but have reduced my Flickr presence- they probably were my photos, but not sure if they are still online!
  3. KiwiNomad06

    Sorry, have only just discovered these profile comments! Hope you have enjoyed any Caminos you...

    Sorry, have only just discovered these profile comments! Hope you have enjoyed any Caminos you have done!
  4. KiwiNomad06

    Opps sorry only just reading this. There were quite a lot of women walking the Le Puy route...

    Opps sorry only just reading this. There were quite a lot of women walking the Le Puy route alone, and I think they mostly felt safe. You can get by without speaking French, as other pilgrims will translate for you often. But it can be a bit lonely I think. How easy it is to get a bed depends a...
  5. KiwiNomad06

    Le Puy to Santiago: a few random thoughts

    Michael thanks for this wonderful account which I am sure many will find useful. I walked Le Puy to Santiago in 2008, and I have to say I was nodding in agreement through all of your writing. I also found the transition to Spain difficult- it really was like two quite different walks- and I...
  6. KiwiNomad06

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    I found there was a real 'community' amongst pilgrims on the Le Puy route. I met several people who didn't know any French, and they always got by fine, though I have one friend who did find it somewhat lonely at times. If you have a phone, and a guidebook, there is sure to be a fellow French...
  7. KiwiNomad06

    Should I get a smaller pack?

    I used exactly that pack on both my Caminos. It was very comfortable and I loved it. You don't have to fill it up- and in my case, because I was doing other travel as well as the Camino- it gave me room for extra stuff when I wanted to carry more. Margaret
  8. KiwiNomad06

    Where are some veteran members?

    Thanks Grayland. I always appreciated your support. I found so many answers here myself before I walked- and was thankful to those who eased my worries and gave m advice and info before I walked. It was great to have an opportunity to 'give back' once I had walked. Margaret
  9. KiwiNomad06

    Where are some veteran members?

    I was a Veteran Member I think, and a moderator for a while, but don't post here often now. I guess life has largely moved in other directions. In 2015 I walked ten days in Italy near Assisi, on trails of St Francis- beautiful countryside to walk in. I still find myself in Camino-land every so...
  10. KiwiNomad06

    Anyone returned to the Camino for a holiday?

    Second time around I only walked part of the Camino Frances. When I reached Santiago I stayed there four nights and did a lot of tourist things I had missed the first time, when I was busy looking always for people I had met along the way. I was pleased to discover there were all sorts of...
  11. KiwiNomad06

    Rome to Santiago anyone?

    Last year I did a walk around the Assisi region in Umbria- (with pre-booked accommodation etc as my time was very limited). One evening I met a French pilgrim who had previously walked several different routes to Santiago so he was an experienced walker, and he was currently walking the route...
  12. KiwiNomad06

    Albergue leaving time

    I remember staying at the newish Jesus Y Maria albergue in Pamplona in 2008- and the door was actually locked until a certain time so you couldn't leave before that. (Can't remember the time now.) I was frankly quite scared by this, as I wondered what would happen if there was an emergency...
  13. KiwiNomad06

    El Camino de Santiago course in Adelaide

    Yes, and Janet has walked several different long routes to Santiago, and to Rome. She has a lot of experience that informs what she can share with others. Margaret
  14. KiwiNomad06

    Freaking out about pack weights

    Not everyone weighs and measures everything- I didn't. When you are on the Camino you will see people with all sorts of packs and sizes of packs, just like you will see infinite variety in types of footwear and socks. The amount/kind of clothing you need depends on what season you walk in, and...
  15. KiwiNomad06

    The Castigation of the Clergy

    Wonderful post again Gerard. I knew I would be entertained yet again, but this time with the Rangiora/Christchurch connection it had even more special meaning. Glad that priest was able to take a sabbatical to have a break from all the heartache and stress down there. By the way Gerard's an...
  16. KiwiNomad06

    Can't get out of our country

    Hope a solution finds you soon. I have only ever flown into Madrid once- our options of airlines to get directly there seem quite limited from this end of the world. All the best! Margaret
  17. KiwiNomad06

    Cheap flights from Auckland

    This is the recent case that highlighted the need to be careful about visas when going via China: two Kiwi women had a problem when they flew with China Southern, and refuelled in Urumqi (which is not on your list.)
  18. KiwiNomad06

    Cheap flights from Auckland

    Just be careful with the stopovers with this airline though- and that you have the correct visa if you need it for somewhere other than Beijing or Hong Kong. There was recent publicity about two young women who were flown back to Turkey after being detained in some obscure part of China, as...
  19. KiwiNomad06

    Blogging on the Via podiensis

    Your blog looks great- love the photos. Thanks for posting the link. You are already bringing back so many memories! I am looking forward to following your journey! Margaret
  20. KiwiNomad06

    Experiences from Le Puy to SJPdP?

    Not long now then Severinus. Bon Chemin! Margaret

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