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  1. jfgough

    My Camino de Santiago: Reflections and a Heart Opened

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I walked the Frances this fall, ending on 7 October. I experienced much of your feelings during my Camino. The time alone to reflect, the satisfaction of enduring physical challenges and the sheer joy of being there, step by step. I too had time to...
  2. jfgough

    Searching for a camino buddy May 2024!

    I think that you received a lot of great feedback to your answer already. May I add my thoughts. You will discover your own pace, comfort and safety level. You will meet many amazing people who will come and go during your Camino. Everyone has their own plans for how far to walk, where to stay...
  3. jfgough

    possible town to stop in between Los Arcos and Najera

    We walked through Vianna and wished we had stayed there.
  4. jfgough

    Sticks and Boots

    I finished the Camino Frances on 7 October. I wore Hoka Trail runners which lasted the whole way. I wore wool socks and applied Vaseline every morning before walking (except one). I had one blister, which I could have prevented, but that was the day I was out of Vaseline. I used my poles for...
  5. jfgough

    Finding a SIM card at Barcelona Airport.

    If you have a phone which is capable of downloading an esim, then I would explore that option. I wish I had done it before I left so I would have had coverage more. It is very easy to do and I can assure you that mine works great. I switch between my Tmobile sim and my esim easily. Good luck
  6. jfgough

    Additional passport or pages

    I've been a bit over eager to obtain stamps and I'm not sure I will have enough, especially after Sarria. What options are there for getting either a new one or additional pages. Also, where would I obtain them. Thanks in advance for your help. Buen Camino
  7. jfgough

    Lodging in the Meseta

    Hello I finally made it Burgos! I am walking at a pace which takes me approximately 20 to 25 km per day. Not sure if it is easier to do more in the Meseta but Im an old guy whose comfort level is about 25 km on a good day. Ive been trying to not book too far ahead but not sure how available...
  8. jfgough

    Pamplona to SJPP on 29 Aug 2023

    First timer here. I'm looking for someone to share transport from Pamplona on the morning of 29 August. Of this timing works out for anyone please give me a shout. Alternatively, can anyone comment on the bus to SJPP? Looks like one departure per day. Buen Camino
  9. jfgough

    Pamplona Hiking store

    Thank you all for the prompt and thorough response.
  10. jfgough

    Pamplona Hiking store

    Hi Arrive Pamplona 28 August and need to purchase hiking poles. I'm starting from SJPP on the 30th. Best to buy in Pamplona or SJPP? Any recommendations from experienced pilgrims? This my first camino. Gracias y Buen Camino !
  11. jfgough

    Where do ( did ) you walk ( locally ) in 2023?

    I live in the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. I walk around my community and often walk a few miles on the AT near my home. I'm always with my hiking companion and best friend, Nelson.
  12. jfgough

    Starting SJPDP 31 Aug 2023

    I'm starting from SJPP on the 30th but stopping at Borda for the night. Maybe I'll see you on the way to Roncesvalles. This is my first camino. Buen Camino y Buen suerte
  13. jfgough

    Albergues in Pamplona and SJPDP

    Thanks I'll book before I leave.
  14. jfgough

    Albergues in Pamplona and SJPDP

    Hi I'm arriving 28 August and taking the train to Pamplona. I have the Renfe app on my phone. Were you able to buy the Tarjeta Dorada on the Renfe site?
  15. jfgough

    My Experience with Hoka Challenger ATR 7s: A Camino Report

    Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to avoid packing my fears. Im not a sandals guy, so an extra shoe would be for around town.
  16. jfgough

    My Experience with Hoka Challenger ATR 7s: A Camino Report

    Thanks for the review David, and giving me a bit more confidence. This is what I am wearing on the trails around my home in the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. I bought a new pair for my Camino Frances which I start on 30 August. I was contemplating bringing a pair of Bondi 7s as a backup/town...
  17. jfgough

    How to prevent plantar fasciitis on the Camino

    Hi I had what i thought was PF for over a year. When i finally went to a podiatrist she told me that my arches were fine, but the fat pad on my affected heel was gone. Im a 65 yo male with plenty of wear and tear so this may not relate to your problem. The doctor told to 1) stop wearing hiking...
  18. jfgough

    Tips for Avoiding a Crowded Start Date on Camino Frances

    I may see you there if you start from SJPP. I'm starting on Aug 29, staying at Auberge Borda that night. This is my first Camino and I want to take it easy for the first few days to get my trail legs. Buen Camino
  19. jfgough

    Plans Cancelled!!!

    I am new to this forum and am dismayed that it mirrors most other social media which I avoid. If one decides to do something or not do something, why share their feelings with complete strangers. Unless you are just looking for attention, why not just make other plans and avoid the drama. I...

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