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    2023: hospitalero shortage

    I received the invite for the September training in Michigan and the requirement for albergue stays seems to be lowered to 1. Check the American Pilgrims website.
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    ISO information on pack transport for the Via delaPlata and Sanabres

    Thank you for sharing this information. I contacted Servicios Sanabres. They promptly responded and are able to transfer our pack from our starting place in Salamanca. Gracias.
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    ISO information on pack transport for the Via delaPlata and Sanabres

    My apologies for the abbreviations. I am looking for information on companies who provide transport of backpacks between stages on the Sanabres and a few stages of the Via de la Plata beginning at Salamanca. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    ISO information on pack transport for the Via delaPlata and Sanabres

    I plan on walking on the Via de la Plata from Salamanca north to the junction of the Sanabres and then west to Ourense. Being an older person with a spinal condition I am hoping that a pack transport option is available as on the other routes I have walked. If not I will skinny down my...
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    Wise Pilgrim Camino Frances App

    Absolutely! I am planning my 6th Camino on the Via de la Plata Absolutely. I am planning my 6th Camino this year and contacted the author witha question about a link failure two weeks ago. We spent several hours over 4 days testing updates until the Via de la Plata route information was...
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    Using Whatsapp to message albergues

    The Wise Pilgrim guide has a free app which provides whats app links to albergues, as well as phone numbers and reviews. Michael works very hard to update the information by village/city on a regular basis. The maps and route planning feature is very helpful and most routes are included. Bon...
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    Planning Norte Route

    I would recommend flying in to Oviedo and walking west. The best of both worlds with a few days on the coast then heading south into the country. Beautiful sites, fewer roads to walk and full of history. The pilgrims culture is embraced along this Way. I did not find the first half of the Norte...
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    Camino awesome, Santiago not so much

    I am in Santiago right now and I have to agree with you. This is my 5th Camino and the atmosphere/culture seems to have changed over the last 3 years. The crowds and noise are overwhelming as always however people seem on edge. One bar demanded that we sit outside with the other pilgrims even...
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    Anyone taken the GR121 coastal path from Hondarribia?

    We just walked the 121 on Sunday starting from the light house. The first 5k are easy and well marked. After that it's a 7 on the scale of 1-5!!! Extreme inclines and decent on narrow goat trails. Not well marked, use a gps if possible. Very physical. Several points where you have to pull...
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    Variante Espiritual Extra Distance

    You will not regret taking this variant! Monastery has amazing museum and art work, with beds for pilgrims. Convent has nightly vesper. Scenery is amazing. With the boat trip to Pardon it takes the same amount of time. Then 25k to SdC. Try to get a room at the Hope House in Villanova with...
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    Best ways to organize one's pack

    I begin my third Camino on June 1. Being the Guici girl that I am, on my first time around I purchased several brightly colored and expensive REI bags to pack clothing and essentials in an organized manner. Prior to leaving I opted to use the heavy duty freezer zip lock bags. Perfect as they...

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