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    I arrived in Santiago and didn't see a single pilgrim.

    How’s your eyesight been lately? 😉
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    To guide book or not to guide book?

    Guidebooks can be helpful, digital or paper. I think you’ll figure out what’s best for you. What I would caution is don’t get locked into A guidebook lockstep, doing the stages according to the guidebook. Some of my best experiences on the Camino Frances came when I deliberately switched to...
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    Solo walkers - what kinds of food do you buy at grocery stores?

    I liked tuna or sardines too. Could keep the whole Camino if need be, a little bread and I was good to go!
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    Has anyone use Pilbeo for transfers ?

    I used Pilbeo extensively on the Camino Frances and they were terrific. Highly recommend them.
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    My first Camino Frances after the apnea diagnosis

    Well done. I too used a Resmed mini cpap and it worked well. One piece of advice to anyone planning to travel with a cpap, let the albergues or hostels know you use one ahead of time, so they can plan on putting you near a plug. In most instances now all the dormitory beds have separate plugs...
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    Sahagún--One of those random memorable Camino moments

    A lovely gift from the Camino.
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    Looking for a used ALTUS Poncho

    If you are doing the Camino Frances and starting in SJPP I ordered one from Pierre Bouresmau at La Boutique du Pèlerin - The Camino shop ! 32 rue de la Citadelle (en face de l'accueil pèlerin / near the Pilgrims Office) 64220 Saint Jean Pied de Port - France 05 59 37 98 52 06 03 17 77 29...
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    CPAP on the camino

    Hi Quahaug, I am on the Camino Frances, and it hasn’t been a problem. I always ask when reserving to have a Bottom bed near an outlet for my cpap and it’s always been accommodated. One word of warning: I did get separated from my cpap once, the one and only time I shipped it ahead, And that was...
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    Am I packing too much?

    Hi VintageCowgirl, Like you, I researched and pondered gear and it’s weight, worth doing. I will say I simply wish I had done more hiking on varied terrain. Loose rocks, mud, Water obstacles, steep uphills and downhills, cobblestones, and packed dirt are a few of the things you may encounter...
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    Checking your backpack on flights

    Hi, I flew Delta to NYC and Iberia to Barcelona and my backpack wasn’t an issue on either flight. (And I sure wasn’t going to check it!😇) I think you’ll be fine, but call. Good Luck and Buen Camino!
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    Hoka Alternatives with Similar Padding and heel-to-toe Drop?

    I came across Topoc trail runners and I love them. Great support and nice wide toe box. Highly recommend-
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    Cruz de Ferro Decorum

    Care to share where?
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    My first Camino - clothing & footwear when done walking for the day

    Parenthetically, how did your topo’s do? I plan on wearing them in June on Camino. Buen Camino!

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