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  1. Isabelpilgrim

    Is the Camino too crowded now?

    Most of my contact this year was with a largish tour group. I enjoyed having someone to talk to, some days I had no conversations at all.
  2. Isabelpilgrim

    Is the Camino too crowded now?

    I walked this past August and September, part was the Primitivo, so really not crowded, I was alone most of the time, and walked into Santiago de Compostela completely alone from Monte de Gozo, even though a lot of albergues were full. I think you can walk around the crowds if you want. I try to...
  3. Isabelpilgrim

    Game of choices: to stay at Herbon or not?

    I stayed there while walking the Central route. I was the only person there, with two hospitaleros, and there was a pilgrim's mass, too. Other locals were there. They packed me a lunch in the morning. I looked around Padron in the morning, went to the Rosalia Castro Museum, looked for the park...
  4. Isabelpilgrim

    Very early flight time back home - when do you head to the airport?

    I stayed at the Ibis hotel, slightly less expensive. Also mentioned a shuttle service on website, but think that info is out of date. Taxi at the curb outside.
  5. Isabelpilgrim

    Very early flight time back home - when do you head to the airport?

    The hotel clerk suggested using Uber, the hotel shuttle where I stayed isn't currently operating, he thought it might be cheaper than a cab. All the cabs are flat rate 20 Euro to the airport from Barajas, but they are at the curb 24/7. I took the Metro from the airport to Barajas. Also a bus...
  6. Isabelpilgrim

    Very early flight time back home - when do you head to the airport?

    I thought I could do that the first time, but it was mid week and places seemed to close early, plus luggage. That was the trip I took the Metro to the airport and fell asleep on my backpack. Woke up with a line to check in snaking around me.
  7. Isabelpilgrim

    Very early flight time back home - when do you head to the airport?

    I have both slept in the airport, and most recently stayed at a hotel in Barajas with taxi always waiting outside. I usually catch a cab at 2 or 2:30. I've missed a couple early flights when I haven't done that. I always misjudge how long it takes to get to airport.
  8. Isabelpilgrim

    Camino Primitivo end of December

    I just walked from Embalse de Salime to Santiago, it's long stretches without any services even in the busier season. Lot of it feels remote, and first 2/3 or so are through mountains. Consider less daylight, remoteness, steepness, and snow, and be prepared for that. Definitely check on...
  9. Isabelpilgrim

    Fall Camino Decision

    It might be nice to walk part of the the VdLP when it's not too hot. I've done Burgos to Leon and then bused to Ponferrada and walked from there. Just check when albergues start to close for the season. Should still be fine with other accomodations. I mention the Frances option only because you...
  10. Isabelpilgrim

    Accomodation query - late night arrival in Santiago

    They used to lock the gate at 10 pm, so you might want to ask.
  11. Isabelpilgrim

    The Second Camino - how much did it differ from the first (mentally)?

    I had a rough time walking the Portuguese routes, I think I went in expecting it to be more like the Frances, and it's not the same. But that was me wanting it to be something it wasn't. Oddly enough, didn't have same issue on Primitivo, but it was very solitary. I might've had one actual...
  12. Isabelpilgrim

    The Second Camino - how much did it differ from the first (mentally)?

    My second one was hard in doing the same route and having expectations of what was coming next, etc. Over time, I ve tried to walk alternate paths,stay in different villages or albergues to walk different sections at a different time of day than previously. I don't mind crowds, but like you, I...
  13. Isabelpilgrim

    Descent into Portomarin

    I only made it down because a man suddenly appeared behind me and held my arm to guide me.
  14. Isabelpilgrim

    Descent into Portomarin

    Take the road to the right, or the bike route, when it splits. The main route in the middle is a washout, it's like going through a canyon shoot toward the end. Starts out as anice enough trail. The route to the right is steep,but at least it's a road.
  15. Isabelpilgrim

    Hoka Alternatives with Similar Padding and heel-to-toe Drop?

    Sorry about the name, it's actually Altra Lone Peak 7.
  16. Isabelpilgrim

    Hoka Alternatives with Similar Padding and heel-to-toe Drop?

    Altra7's with orthotics or Superfeet?
  17. Isabelpilgrim

    Advance bookings!!! (Are they ruining the Camino?)

    I walked last year, too, and found places in between guidebook stages had beds. I booked some ahead, but when I didn't, still found a bed. Sometimes only 6-10 people in albergue.
  18. Isabelpilgrim

    Pamplona during San Fermines, pros and cons?

    I can't remember exact dates, but there were a bunch of festivals late Aug-Sept all along the Camino, especially in Navarre. I kept ending up at them as I was walking. Obanos, Puente de la Reina, Cizur Menor, etc. Some of the guidebooks list festival dates.
  19. Isabelpilgrim

    no toilet paper in washroom

    I usually carry tp, just in case. And if the place is staffed, tell someone. Sometimes I'll buy tp for the general cause.
  20. Isabelpilgrim

    Backpack question: Ospreys Stratos 36L vs 44L?

    I found the thing that takes the most space in my bag was my sleeping bag/sleep sack, if you can get one that you can really pack down, go for the smaller pack. I'm still looking😀

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