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    O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela

    Same here, like a carnival is waiting for us in Santiago
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    O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela

    This last 19km is lovely. On our last day we decided to take a very slow walk, stop at cafe, chatting, counting down at milestones, group selfie on the road. I am sure both of you will enjoy meeting others pilgrims coming from longer distances. It like going into Santiago to attend a fiasta.
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    Train from Madrid to Sarria

    @Billraff I notice train schedule from Madrid to Sarria for 26th October has been released. Maybe you want to check yours. My friends had given up, they rented a car instead.
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    The dreaded plantar fasciitis - just as I’m about to start…

    My conditions improve with calves stretching after advice from physio. Now I do it twice a day. I will make it a point to do proper warm up and stretching before I walk next week. Hope this helps
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    Foot glide question

    I used NOK 5 years ago, very good. I notice aptonia's texture is very similar to it.
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    Foot glide question

    Interesting, in this part of the world, the aptonia anti-friction cream come in tube.
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    Looking for partners to start the journey with!

    Don't worry, I started on my own in 2018, but ended up with a United Nation of camino family 😊 I'll be walking with a group of friends this time, a few days behind you, maybe we'll meet on the road. Cheers
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    Coffee in the Morning?

    I just want to say : I find great comfort in this thread 😂 knowing I am not the only one 'need' to have a cup of coffee to warm up the engine in the morning. ☕ Cheers
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    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    Hopefully everything gets sorted out before your trip. All the best
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    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    From Like this
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    Roncesvalles reservation not yet confirmed?

    You should receive an email confirmation. I received mine. Maybe check your spam folder.
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    Live TV from Santiago (Happy Santiago day!)

    Happy St James Day!
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    Happy St James Day !!

    Happy St James Day!
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    AVE train from Madrid to Sarria

    Hi everyone, quick question : Is this AVE train from Madrid to Sarria(transit Ourense ) at 10am is only available in Summer months ? The schedule is not available after Sep 10. Just want to confirm.
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    Albergue Municipal de Najera

    That queuing system is cute 😂 Whn I arrived in 2018, it was backpacks 😄
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    You! Meetup in Santiago at the Alameda Park

    Awww....that's lovely ❤️
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    Hiking Poles - leaving them behind...

    Albergue SCQ does
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    Statistical data from the Oficina website

    Cool. Happy analysing
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    Statistical data from the Oficina website

    If you are referring to Diego Romero, this is his website, but I am not sure it's updated since they changed it to Microsoft format
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    For Sale/Wanted Albergue for sale

    Such a beautiful albergue. Good luck!

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