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  1. JoJoCamino

    Kendal Mint Cake

    Ha, ha!!! I use it when I'm walking with you, Jeffrey!!!!
  2. JoJoCamino

    Enjoying life!

    Enjoying life!
  3. JoJoCamino

    Accommodation Notes, Vila do Conde to Pontevedra

    Many thanks for all that info. Hopefully, walking the Portugues next year!
  4. JoJoCamino

    Ash cloud delays and closed airports and cancelled flights

    Re: Ash Cloud Delays I only had ten days for walking this April - with no planes I have had to postpone my walk until October. Obviously wasn't meant to be! :(
  5. JoJoCamino

    To all those walking the Camino Portugues

    I will not be walking the Portugues until April 2011, but when I do I will add comments and let you know. May well do Lisbon to Porto in April and then Porto to Santiago in October. Whichever way I do it - thank you for your help and I hope I will be able to help you. Jo
  6. JoJoCamino


    I have posted a comment to you on facebook. I did a 'trial' run - with a friend - in 2008 just walking from Sarria to Santiago to see what to do and what it was like. Since it was only a week I was able to 'press gang' someone to come with me. It was good and when I had a difficult day I had...

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