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    🚄 New high speed train Madrid Oviedo

    I've never heard of one single train from Madrid to Sarria. I think that's because one may have to change trains, whereas Madrid to Oviedo runs in a relatively direct line past several reasonably large towns on the way to Gihon.
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    Hoka speed goat 5 vs hoka anacapa breeze also a sock question

    I wore Hoka Kaha's (I think) for the last 114 km of the Frances 2 years ago as well as the Primitivo until Lugo, then switched to Hoka Challengers for the rest of the way (needed to reduce my pack weight). The Challengers, like others have said, are more cushioned and have a bit more rugged...
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    🚄 New high speed train Madrid Oviedo

    I don't remember Segovia on the Alvia train I took (not this new extra rapid schedule), but I remember Leon (sorry, don't have an accent mark on this ancient keyboard), and the train's destination was Gihon.
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    🚄 New high speed train Madrid Oviedo

    Wow - and I was in hog heaven with the 4 hour train this last September... ;-)
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    For those who have walked the Camino 2 or more times

    Marska, the first thing to know is that the last week of March in 2024 is Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Spain, and Easter is 1 April. Depending on where you start, accommodations may be a bit harder to come by for that week. Although I've never walked the entire CF, I walked Sarria to Santiago...
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    Bring My Own Walking Cane

    Train with the cane, and get the note. Good luck with TSA.
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    They still ride horses, don't they?

    To all, thank you. I saw a couple of mountain bikers on the Primitivo (one of whom had to truncate her trip due to aggravating her knee), but the only horses I saw were pastured up on the Hospitales route. The Spanish pilgrim with the well trained mounts sounds awesome to witness. Can't say...
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    They still ride horses, don't they?

    Many many thanks. He may forgive me someday.... ;-)
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    What are your favorite Camino misspellings on the forum?

    :::chuckle::: I only realized that I pronounced Tineo all wrong when none of the Spaniards I was speaking to recognized what town I was referencing. I kept saying "Tin'-eee-o", and my fading memory suggests that it was actually "Tin-A'-o". I feel for Jo, above, on the name. I suggest to her...
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    Drinking water @hotels

    I deeply suspect I weigh a lot more than you do, sir. ;-)
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    They still ride horses, don't they?

    Ok, so I'm in trouble now... I paid FindPenguins to make a book out of my "proof of life" posts to my husband during my Camino Primitivo, and was showing it to my brother-in-law, his wife, and their teenage daughter before Thanksgiving dinner. (BTW, shameless plug for FindPenguins - great...
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    I've walked the Camino in barefoot shoes

    I used to wear what I think were plimsolls back during martial arts training (Feiyue shoes). Pretty thin in the soles. And yes, if I didn't wear socks, they would get quite...aromatic. I would toss them in the washer and then air dry to clean them. Heck, I even ( gently) washed my *pack*...
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    Drinking water @hotels

    ::::chuckle::: I've told the anecdote before; please forgive me. I took 2.5 L of water and electrolytes over Hospitales in 60ish-70ish weather, as I sort of recall, plus three tiny containers of tomato spread to go with the bread I bought in Campiello - and that was after breakfast, 2...
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    I've walked the Camino in barefoot shoes

    Same here. I rely on maximalist heel drop shoes to negotiate my interface with gravity. But then again, of all the things that hurt me on Camino, my feet (and truthfully, my legs, absent my knees and hips) were not among them.
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    Foot problems on the Coastal

    The problems with trying to crowdsource medical advice are below. 1. The sufferer may have described the problem differently than it actually is for them, due to lack of experience or lack of language. When a medical professional asks twenty questions about your medical history, the nature...
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    Combined Camino.... Norte - Lebananiego - Vadienese - Olivado - Salvador - Primitivo

    Quick notes...yes, the turn off for the Verde was quite easy to see, as above. The Primitivo was still pretty scenic (bucolic/village) up until the last couple of km into Melide, and then again scenic up until you hit the airport. What you need to know is that wild camping is technically...
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    Drinking water @hotels

    Oh, *that's* why I like Spanish tap water! ;) (I grew up in a major city where the water was both chlorinated *and* fluoridated. Look Ma, no cavities!) I started drinking black coffee as a young adult when I realized that I hated the taste of non-chlorinated water. Still pretty much do, many...
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    Announcement: Creation of the Acogida Tradicional Jacobea

    ::::chuckle:::: My only reaction to this designation is that the ATJ blessing on El Cruce (not new) and the encouragement for volunteers for some unspecified numbers of these albergues ( new) *still* doesn't mean that a night's stay at El Cruce qualifies as the required night's stay for formal...
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    Drinking water @hotels

    ::::chuckle::: I maintain that there's still two issues here, as I said above. WRT the second, plumbing, I continue to suggest Caveat Emptor. Even if I had enough Spanish to ask the hospitalera/o or desk clerk about their specific plumbing *and* understand the answer, I wouldn't be surprised...
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    Person missing since Nov 9, 2023 — walking Camino Portugués -RIP

    Unfortunately, I don't have the funds or time to walk that route for him. However, since I walked In Vicarie Pro for my biological mother this September, I an familiar with that concept. And there are many posts and links on these boards about the practice.

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