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    Bilbao to Bayonne

    You could also book a direct airport transfer from Bilbao to Saint Jean Pied de Port. It'll be expensive but you can be in Saint Jean Pied de Port the same night.
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    Bus from Biarritz airport to Bayonne?

    You can get the TxikTxak bus number 3 or 4 directly from the airport bus station. After you leave the luggage collection area, turn left and walk to the far end of the airport building. Leave via the sliding doors and there is a covered walkway to the bus station.
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    No Shuttle Biarritz to SJPP Winter

    You can also book a private transfer with someone like: Biarritz Airport Transfers. They operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
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    Train station in Biarritz

    You can get a train from Bayonne to Hendaye then walk across the car park and get a Euskotren to Irun. Or from Bayonne the number 3 bus goes as far as Hendaye.
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    Road from St Jean to Pic D'Orisson

    You can 'drive' the road using StreetView. Here's a snapshot showing a view of Pic d'Orisson.
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    Biarritz to Roncesvalles tomorrow

    It's going to be hot today so make sure you have plenty of water, especially if you are rushing about.
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    Taxi share this evening (Aug 19, 2023) from Bayonne to SJPDP

    Something fell on one of the tracks yesterday so it caused huge delays. News from the local paper (only in French):
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    Travel from Biarritz to irun

    I would get the SNCF train from Biarritz to Hendaye then, depending on where you are staying in Irun, you can walk across the border to Irun or get the Euskotren to whichever stop is closest to your accommodation.
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    Taxi from Biarritz airport to SJPP

    The journey takes about an hour, more if there's traffic. Cost should be anywhere between €130-€150.
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    Awesome Accomodation in St Jean Pied de Port

    I've been there a few times and the welcome is always very friendly. Be aware that it is not in Saint Jean Pied de Port but in Ispoure, about 2 km from the centre. The address is actually quite hard to find on Google Maps: 123 Rte Itzalgui, 64220 Ispoure
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    Puenta la Reina

    Bus from Biarritz Airport to San Sebastián with ALSA or Flixbus (be aware the Flixbus stop is no longer at the airport). Bus from San Sebastian to Pamplona with ALSA. Bus from Pamplona to Puente La Reina with La Estellesa. The quickest way would be to go direct and reserve a private transfer...
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    San Sebastián Airport to Bayonne - Ride-share 27 May 2023 or Advice please!

    San Sebastian airport is very small so assuming you have no luggage to collect you can be through arrivals 10 minutes after the plane wheels touch the runway. At that time on a Saturday the journey from the airport to Bayonne will probably take 40 minutes so you can probably just make the 14:20...
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    Sept. Taxi from Bilbao to SJPDP

    It might be expensive but you can book a direct transfer from Bilbao to Saint Jean Pied de Port. There's no option in the destination list but you can send them an email directly or a WhatsApp.
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    Bus from San Sebastián to Biarritz

    With Flixbus you have to book your tickets in advance.
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    Arriving by Ryanair at Biarritz Wed May 10, 2023, at 9.30pm

    Express Bourricot don't operate after 18:00. You can try and get a taxi outside the airport or book a private airport transfer in advance: Biarritz airport to Saint Jean Pied de Port
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    Biarritz - time to get out of airport

    If you are flying internally (i.e. Paris to Biarritz) then once the plane wheels touch the runway you can be through to the baggage collection in 10 minutes. Air France flights use the airbridge whereas Transavia and some HOP flights use stairs instead. Bags take anything from 10-20 minutes to...
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    French rail strikes March 2023

    Express Bourricot stop transfers after 18:00 but you can book a private airport transfer here: Biarritz airport to Saint Jean Pied de Port They allow you to share the transfer with up to 8 others but you have to find the extra passengers.
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    Is it good to fly into Bilbao or Biarritz?

    The rules for VTC (Voiture de Tourisme avec Chauffeur) companies like Express Bourricot and others means that they are not allowed to complete a transfer when the entire journey takes place in a different country. The start or end of the journey must be in France. This EU-wide rule is called...
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    Biarritz airport 18 April 2023

    You can try a local airport transfer like Biarritz Airport Transfers. The mainly provide private airport transfers to Saint Jean Pied de Port but you are allowed to share with up to 8 people total.
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    Biarritz airport to Pamplona

    As far as I'm aware you have to get a bus to San Sebastián then change on to a bus to Pamplona.

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