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  1. Nanc

    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

    i think OP said Burgos could ONLY do an xray not that an MRI wasn't indicated
  2. Nanc

    Wearable Warning Lights for Pilgrims/Walkers

  3. Nanc

    Training Fatigue

    just take a break many studies have show the recuperative benefits of rest days and many top athletes have talked of not working out right up to the event you will be more than ready when you hit the trail and I suspect you will be refreshed without loss of conditioning And if, in the...
  4. Nanc

    Dogs doing a Camino

    the blend of answers here hits potential concerns a few more: it appears veterinary care can be sparse across Spain Many reported that their fit dog used to hiking miles couldn't do the daily grind Should your dog be unable to continue for any reason (including break down of his buggy ;-0_...
  5. Nanc

    Survey about Camino de Santiago for my Bachelor's Thesis

    AGREED this is a bachelors thesis and yes my words were too blunt (a hangover from university days of over sighting residents etc) my apologies to Perigrinoforlife Sometimes a thought is better left unsaid. I forgot that
  6. Nanc

    Survey about Camino de Santiago for my Bachelor's Thesis

    as someone who has done research, residency, publications, I cannot envision the Masters thesis this questionnaire would be helpful to It is so generic that data from it is not be likely to be helpful And, as others have said, it leaves a lot to open interpretation to even the simplest...
  7. Nanc

    Urban myths about boots and backs— are there others?

    Hmmm Seems like we lost OP’s idea and have been revisiting the debate of poles/ verses non, boots verse trail runners etc My thoughts on myths? “ you can’t drink too much water “. ‘water intoxication is a thing “You should.....” “This is the best.... the only.......” What a foot , a back, a...
  8. Nanc

    Bank account hacked

    how frustrating from a logistical stand point how disappointing from a human trust stand point how worrisome from a financial security point Too late or unnecessary for you, but I carried a type a visa credit/ debit card that my bank offered- the foreign exchange fees were better and I...
  9. Nanc

    Thank you to the Spanish Pilgrim couple and the bar owners in Hospital da Condesa

    grateful you listened to the help and advice offered even if it was difficult That makes the difference between a recoverable outcome and a journey ended by stubborn disease
  10. Nanc

    Lack of balance

    I am not sure the medical process in your country but endure does not sound useful as other have said, seek another medical second opinion or get / ask for a referral some of the myriad of causes can be chronic and managed, some better than others, some can involve progressive disease...
  11. Nanc

    Is this a sign?

    I see some interesting answers in your own comments “Life always provides” it’s not that the Camino is any different than life , but that knowing that life provides can actually be a joyous happy thought and not a cynical one I don’t believe the Camino reveals or delivers anything the...
  12. Nanc

    Yellow arrows through Leon

    another location for yellow arrows, other the trees, is the vertical posts of bus stops and light posts. The longer you're on the Camino the easier and faster you get at finding the arrows ;-) As some have said, the formal signs (blue and gold flat metal signs ) can be high above the...
  13. Nanc

    Tips for Uphill Walking or Hiking

    REST STEP step forward, place foot and bear weight on it by extending that leg straightening the knee and off loading the down hill leg. Once the weight is fully on the up hill leg, swing the down hill leg up and repeat. The speed of each step will be determined by your breath. with...
  14. Nanc

    Small Victories and Starting Back.

    those numbers and goals actually sound pretty good to me Glad to see your energy has risen enough to see you step back on that treadmill ( in more than once sense) welcome back friend
  15. Nanc

    Let's Start A Pilgrim's Albergue in Santiago de Compostela!

    WOW how do we get to this point of attacking a choice of words and dissecting it from grammatical correction, assigning intent and assigning judgement that doesn't even exist This has raised my heart rate and I am not even OP Some time ago, in my early membership, i asked if people could...
  16. Nanc

    OK. Checking out of here

    miss my walking buddy Buen Camino i know the spanish language you learned is getting ever better Enjoy nanc
  17. Nanc

    Let's Start A Pilgrim's Albergue in Santiago de Compostela!

    My walk had a lot of over tones and under tones not least was scattering my brothers ashes and letting go of a lot of family stuff i carried with me, As well as processing changes in my personal life, professional life and family dynamics I KNEW the transition to masses of people, noisy...
  18. Nanc

    Recommendation of Camino operator please

    To answer your actual question Unfortunately/ fortunately most members of this forum tend towards a self quided Camino. So there are less people able to answer the question of a referral to a Camino Tour Company Perhaps those who have done so will pipe up for you or your can Google reviews...
  19. Nanc


    I suspect you would find the fixed compression in the thread area to create rub spots My prior use of wool lanolin seemed to need the soft unfettered application for it to do its job Perhaps leukotape? I wrapped some around the ball of my foot as a blister preventative Perhaps Dave our foot...
  20. Nanc

    What was the hardest part of the Camino de Santiago?

    Pintrix “I can’t believe all the BS answers below:” We all appreciate the variety of experiences and opinions shared on this forum Feel free to share yours But I request, as a fellow member, that the personal judgements like denigrating and BS be left off comments so this remains a safe...

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