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    accommodations along the way from Le Puy

    Thank you so much! I do not believe I will be staying in that town but so appreciate the reach out. Steph
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    accommodations along the way from Le Puy

    Thank you so much for that info! We are starting our walk July 1st starting in Le puy. we have gotten some responses but we are afraid especially in the 1st 5 days the options are a bit more limited and in the smaller locations we are wanting to stop we have not had much luck. fingers crossed...
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    accommodations along the way from Le Puy

    Hello, I have emailed a ton of locations along the way from Le Puy, France to reserve a place to stay, which has proven to be extremely hard with language barriers and many people do not have any openings on the dates we need. Is there an easier way that I do not know about to book directly...
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    Seeking Camino spreadsheets for accommodations from Le Puy France!

    Hello! I am new to this Forum and will be hiking my first Camino from Le Puy on July for a couple weeks. I was told that there were some great spreadsheets with accommodations Written by a Rob and a Steve. I can not for the life of me find these and am struggling to navigate the forum. if...

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