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  1. NicP

    🚄 New high speed train Madrid Oviedo

  2. NicP

    Pilgrims from Australia and the wonderful New Zealand

    Personally, I always try and avoid Paris anyway (what are the odds that some part of your journey through France will be impacted by some kind of strike or another) and head to Spain. I hear there are lots of other good options in Europe as economical entry points too…. This year it was way more...
  3. NicP

    Pilgrims from Australia and the wonderful New Zealand

    I walked the CF in March / April this year, I found good deals on google flights- that web site will send you updates if you ask it to, for good deals on your preferred route. This year was my second camino - it was the CF from Saint Jean. my first was in 2016 (via de la plata, then on to...
  4. NicP

    Is the Camino too crowded now?

    I walked this year, in mid- March to mid-April on the Frances, and in May 2016 on the VDLP to Astorga, then the from there Frances to SdC. It was only “too busy” for me from Sarria, and that was my fault for arriving in Sarria at the beginning of Semana Santa. I really like other pilgrims, and...
  5. NicP

    Combining Caminos

    Thanks for the tip - I have heard very little about the Camino Verde - it sounds like I might need to investigate further.... Maybe it was the headspace I was in at the time, but Sarria to Santiago in Semana Santa was really not ideal for me, and I think if I found a good alternative, I'd...
  6. NicP

    Combining Caminos

    I watched your video on this the other day- it really got me reconsidering if I should stay on the Frances the whole way, whether the invierno might be too quiet, and whether the primitivo might be just busy enough to get my fix of camino community that is super important to me about the whole...
  7. NicP

    Combining Caminos

    it’s great to hear about these different ideas. After walking the Frances from SJPDP this year way too quickly (I’ve been regretting not taking it more slowly) and arriving in in Sarria coinciding with Semana Santa (and really feeling overwhelmed by the crowds) I’ve been considering doing the...
  8. NicP

    Altus products in forum store?

    I agree completely…. You should not be disappointed if you buy a pack that you haven’t tried on!
  9. NicP

    Bedbugs in Europe

    In New Zealand recently the news of the “plague” of bedbugs in France, where there is apparently a rugby World Cup, seems to have occasionally been a big deal in the news. Still, in a way it’s a nice change from Rugby being the distraction from important (life or death) things happening in the...
  10. NicP

    Happy 19th Birthday to the Forum!

    Yes- thank you indeed! More than being a fabulous place for information on the various caminos and the places along them, it’s a fantastic way to stay connected to the “camino family” in its largest sense. Thank you so much for this irreplaceable gem!
  11. NicP

    I arrived in Santiago and didn't see a single pilgrim.

    This sounds like bliss, at least compared to walking into Santiago during “Semana Santa” earlier this year!
  12. NicP

    LIVE from the Camino CF trip report

    Glad you’re having fun…. It’s super useful for me to hear what it’s like on the CF at this time of of year…. I’m currently thinking about the timing of my next camino, your descriptions are great!
  13. NicP

    Is it possible rooms are sold out for 2024!?

    It’ll be fine! Plus, it’s freeing not to be locked in by having a booking that you have to get to…. Maybe just book your first night, if you need to? See what you think…. Everybody is different, but not booking us a great way ti keep your options open, depending on how you feel on the day...
  14. NicP

    Can you convince me NOT to take paper copies?

    I agree entirely with @C clearly and @J Willhaus - a few pieces of paper weigh almost nothing, can be packaged in a way that protects them, and provides a little reassurance. I’m all for leaving the unwanted baggage (literal and metaphorical) behind, but still, this seems very reasonable to me...
  15. NicP

    Morgade bed bugs

    Whilst I can understand people’s concern about potential bedbug issues, in the wider context which has already been discussed by some of longstanding members commenting here (thanks for the wisdom @peregrina2000, @Anniesantiago, @C clearly, @trecile, and others) I wonder if this is an example of...
  16. NicP

    The Unique Journey of New Zealand Pilgrims to Santiago

    Living so far from the Camino in New Zealand, where the camino is not super well known and even less well understood, I am eternally grateful for this forum and the opportunity to connect with people who understand why I might want to travel to the other side of the world, more than once, to...
  17. NicP

    Mileage tracker

    You could just use the built in Apple fitness app. That will track your distance traveled in the day…. Walkmeter is another app that tracks distances, elevations etc. It keeps working when your phone goes to sleep.
  18. NicP

    Snoring - useful info?

    A cold shower? That sounds a bit rough, especially if you weren’t aware of the snoring. I think it’s reasonable to expect that if you choose to sleep in an albergue, you should expect to encounter all sorts of bodily noises that people make, unawares, during the night. And if there is a...
  19. NicP

    March 2024 - Sarria to Santiago

    Agreed- unless you want to be amongst a tidal wave of people walking from Sarria, maybe avoid Easter week….
  20. NicP

    Camino Irritants

    Rubber tips for walking poles are very effective at reducing the tapping. There are tips designed for harder wear on paved surfaces such as those found on many of the paths on the various caminos, and they almost completely eliminate the noise. Having said that, even when walking in Semana...

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