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  1. green_spork

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Sanabres 2023

    A Gudina Not a bad view to have dinner in front off! Shame the pool was closed! Another hot one today, walk out from Lubian was long with a good bit of a climb
  2. green_spork

    Transport to start Camino Sanabres

    Had the same dilemma, currently on the Sanabres! Arrived Madrid Barajas Airport Saturday morning! I had to go via this route, as the cheap Renfe Madrid to Zamora train was sold out and the next option was too expensive! I think Avanza bus, leaves directly from the airport, but my flight...
  3. green_spork

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Sanabres 2023

    So am currently in Albergue in Monbuey, the last few days have very hot and of course I didn’t bring any sunscreen! Back of legs, arms, face, are currently “medium rare” After arriving at albergue we had some interesting visitors from Zamora, knock on the door! Two very friendly “guardia civil”...
  4. green_spork

    LIVE from the Camino Camino Sanabres 2023

    And so it begins, waiting in an empty airport for my 6am flight to Madrid! They have moved the desirable seats that are close to the power points, from last year, so base camp is now next to the travelex counter! Excited to get started, I can almost feel that Galician rain! If everything goes...
  5. green_spork

    Boxer shorts - any recommendations

    I recently got a pair of FKT Boxers from They have stores throughout the u.k! They are described as, “Moisture-wicking and fast-drying boxers in a soft polyester and rayon blend. Perfect for hiking, running and climbing” I worn them walking in the recent heatwave and found them...
  6. green_spork

    Cats on the Camino

    Albergue de Peregrinos, A Fonsagrada’ Sept ‘2022 The night watch receptionist at the Albergue sleeping on the job! He did get up to see us all off, though!
  7. green_spork

    Getting to Madrid from Santiago

    Don’t know if ALSA bus still run this promotion, but when I traveled from Madrid to Oviedo last September, I was offered a discount on the ticket cost as a new customer! The seats also had individual tv screens with pre loading movies, music, internet!
  8. green_spork

    Primitivo in September

    Walked Primitivo end of September 2022! Left Oviedo in torrential rain which continued until Lugo! Definitely chilly in the mornings, especially if you’re walking early and it’s foggy! I normally wore a beanie/gloves/fleece, until the sun came up! Evenings could be cold as well, a light down or...
  9. green_spork

    Getting my Compostela home undamaged

    If you decide to opt for the cardboard tube, you can wrap it in an T-shirt/towel, to give it a bit more protection in your pack! Last year I took some bubble wrap, which is also useful for packing any fragile gifts! You could also just use a poly pocket, as suggested, I used one of these when...
  10. green_spork

    Credencial do peregrino for Finasterra and Muxia

    As already mentioned you can use the same credential as before, if you wish, however the free Finisterre/Muxia credential from the Santiago tourist office is rather nice! The credential includes images of some of the buildings/sites you can collect the sello from! It also has a coloured map...
  11. green_spork

    Pickpocketed on Porto Metro

    Up until my last few trips, I used to take a Pacsafe wallet that clipped onto to a D- ring that was already on my North Face trousers! Last year I just took a basic Velcro wallet and keep it in my main trouser pocket! Had very little actual cash! All the bank cards were already stored...
  12. green_spork

    Sello in Pamplona

    It’s a shame the University of Pamplona don’t use the official University seal, as a sello, it’s quite nice looking!
  13. green_spork

    Sello in Pamplona

    Genesis, Tree of knowledge, Garden of Eden, Adam, Eve, and the snake?
  14. green_spork

    Sello in Pamplona

    I actually prefer the one below with the tree and snake, the University one is a bit generic looking!
  15. green_spork

    How much water is ‘plenty’ on the Hospitales?

    Walked it last September! Only took a 500ml bottle, left samblismo in torrential rain, didn’t let up the whole day!
  16. green_spork

    Backpack question: Ospreys Stratos 36L vs 44L?

    Used A Stratos 36L from spring to late summer/early fall! No complaints! Had more than enough space! Purely personal choice, though, some people just feel they need that extra space! Maybe try on another brands 44L, just to get a comparison! The new deuter future range is very similar to the...
  17. green_spork

    Porto Albergue Options

    I walked the Portuguese central in 2017, leaving from Porto Cathedral! I stayed the first night, at the Tattva hostel, before moving onto the Albergue de Perigrinos! The albergue is in a nice quiet part of the city, I think it was run by a farther and his younger son! Wasn’t offered communal...
  18. green_spork

    Is this a recognized Credencial?

    From reading the blurb alongside the item, I can imagine some people purchasing this, believing it would be accepted at the pilgrims office! Surely it should be listed as “ For display/souvenir use only!” It reminds me of this makeshift credential, I found in the centre of Santiago! Stamped and...
  19. green_spork

    Bus 6A to Santiago airport

    Yes, €1.00 single The bus can get very busy, I was practically sitting with driver! This was on a midweek afternoon in September! Not much fund, standing the whole journey, especially with a rucksack!
  20. green_spork

    How social is the Camino Primitivo?

    Also walked in September 2022, totally agree, perfect balance! You could see the season beginning to change as you walked! Loved it! Not really any major cities to pass, out with Oviedo/Lugo! Definitely enough people around though, if you want to socialise!

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