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  1. MichelleO

    Forum upgrade this morning 😳

  2. MichelleO

    Forum upgrade this morning 😳

  3. MichelleO

    Pre or Post Camino Vacation

    We hired a car post-Camino and drove South-West to Sanxenxo. There's a lovely place right on the beach called Casa Aurora. We swam, paddle-boarded and rested by the ocean. It was great to 'debrief' about the Camino while still in Spain.
  4. MichelleO

    Long-term Distance European E1

    Thank you. This is what I was looking for.
  5. MichelleO

    Long-term Distance European E1

    Thank you both for the links you posted. I had browsed these already. I was hoping, however, for any personal experiences from people who have walked part or whole of any of these long distance walks. Hoping that there are some who read this forum.
  6. MichelleO

    Long-term Distance European E1

    I've just discovered there's an 8,000km trail from Palermo to Nordkap and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it - sections or in it's entirety. Any comments on equipment, accommodation, timing, costs, etc would be interesting. Thanks.
  7. MichelleO

    O Cebreiro

    We stayed at Albergue Casa Campelo and loved it. It was clean, quiet and friendly. O Cebreiro is such a charming place. We only did the 12km up the hill that day so we could enjoy more time there.
  8. MichelleO

    Santiago To Fisterra

    When you get there, Pension Lopez has double rooms for €25 that have wonderful views and your own balcony!
  9. MichelleO

    Blisters on soles of feet

    Prevention is a lot less painful than cure!
  10. MichelleO

    Live - Camino Francés The Botafumeiro

    We attended the Pilgrim's Mass at 7:30pm on Wednesday, 12th September and had heard that unless a donation had been made we wouldn't happen. So, when, at the end of the Mass they started untying the botafumeiro ropes we felt immensely privileged and lucky. We originally had planned to go the...
  11. MichelleO

    Some Luggage Transfer Questions

    We used Camino Comodo. They use WhatsApp. So with Google Translate we had our to/from spiel and just modified the drop off/pick up Albergues. Worked fine for just €3 a day.
  12. MichelleO

    Pórtico da Gloria closing today (Sept. 19 2018)

    "cattle grid"... not castle....
  13. MichelleO

    Pórtico da Gloria closing today (Sept. 19 2018)

    We got there a week ago at 8:30am thinking we'd get in early and beat the queue but it was still nearly 2 hours moving through the castle grid! Worth it though.
  14. MichelleO

    Outer travel pack for back pack is it necessary

    We clingwrapped ours. No worries.
  15. MichelleO

    O Cebreiro

    We stayed at Casa Compela in O Cebreiro last night. Roadworks are definitely NOT an issue. The only works that seem to be in progress at the moment is the Camino path as you leave. They're adding gravel/stone to the path and adding a few drains. Nothing at all in town. We had a great stay even...
  16. MichelleO

    O Cebreiro

    Thanks! We'll be there in a week. Nice to know the roadworks are not a huge deterrent.
  17. MichelleO

    Sweet Treats

    Remember that a chocolate a day keeps the muscle pain away!
  18. MichelleO

    Not getting it

    Maybe you need to take a few days off in a nice location or do half stages for a while and sightsee in the afternoons. Buen Camino
  19. MichelleO

    O Cebreiro

    Is it possible La Faba has extended? My Pilgrim's guide says it has 66 beds. I think I'll take your advice in September when we're there.
  20. MichelleO

    Live - Camino Francés John Elsewhere.

    We're about 2 weeks ahead of you and still the yummiest Pilgrim's meal was the trout and potatoes at the monastery at Roncesvalles. Great photos of the walk up and over the Pyrenees!

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