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  1. xin loi

    Love story on the Way

    Walked the Camino Frances for second time August and September 2016. Felt very uneasy in Church in Santiago and felt I must leave for Finisterre as soon as possible. At daylight the next morning I was walking east to the end Of the world. I was walking along a dirt path and saw a "Shell" lying...
  2. xin loi

    Americans Needing a Visa? Updates or How-To's Please

    Poland rule is not unusual in other parts of the world, like Latin America. Gringos living in Guatemala must go to Mexico , Honduras, or El Salvador every few months. Don't think Belize counts as if you look on the OFFICIAL map of Guatemala, Belize is still part of their country. I assuming that...
  3. xin loi

    Dry bag for showers?

    Cheap bags work fine.....But Where you going to hang it? A lot of shower stalls are missing a hook to hang things! Buy two "S" hooks at any hardware store. You will NEED them--a lot!
  4. xin loi

    Sandals ???

    Took sandals on first Camino Frances in 2014 to walk in May & June and rarely wore them. So on second Camino last year, I did not bring any. Big Mistake! Hiked in August and September, and feet were BIG from hot weather. Lost three toenails! Wished I had sandals like most other people were...
  5. xin loi

    The future of Camino Hospitality

    Last August and September I walked the Camino Frances from SJPDP to Finisterre for the second time. I must admit is was an eye opener for me. On the first walk, I did not walk alone and therefore did not pay much attention to what other hikers were doing. On this last trip I was alone and...
  6. xin loi

    My rucksack weighs 1.5KG. That's no good!!!

    Trecil...talked to you a few times last September. If you recall me, I carried a 50L and friend Poul carried a 60L. Was at finisterre when you were there with Kevin. I'm doing the Portuguese in April and maybe the Norte in June and carrying a 60L this time. Only carried 14 kilos last time...
  7. xin loi

    Pack Size?

    Walked Camino frances twice with a 50 L. Using a 60L this year. Don't mind carrying a big pack with 14 kilos in it. Would carry more if I was younger. Sfter a week or so, you don't even notice the weight. Love the Koreans with their BIG packs--anyone else take ear muffs with them like the...
  8. xin loi

    What to wear to fly in?

    Hey Hey, I put an empty beer can into that box as I was not looking for a wife. Ended up walking to the End of the Earth with a German woman who may become my wife this summer.
  9. xin loi

    Camino in April?

    Will be starting Portuguese April 12. Will watch for your carcass. Talked to a guy who did it last year and he thought it was great hike. Was in Portugal for a few weeks ago and on weekend went looking for the Camino south of Porto. Not only could not find any markers, we could not find a local...
  10. xin loi

    Skip Leon?

    Take the bus out of Leon! the walk outside of town for two hours is boring! Actually, not a bad idea to just bus it to Astorga.
  11. xin loi

    Recognize this?

    Actually I still feel guilty for not doing more for the hikers who could not afford to stay in albergues or eat every day. Bought some meals and paid for some bunks , but should have helped more. Should have bought new sneakers for the woman walking in sneakers she had for over 7 years and put...
  12. xin loi

    The food of the Santiago's pilgrim!

    Did Camino Frances twice--Best Ever was the Café Casanova in Estella--no comparison for quality or quantity. 2nd best were TV dinners cooked in microwave in Albergues; third was cold cans of tuna with veggies. Like most Norte Americans say--I would have killed for a Taco! Food is generally...
  13. xin loi


    That is CHEATING! The Sun God of the Druids will take care of your wants. Walked the Camino Frances twice without ever having a reservation--but I always had a sleeping bag and mat just in case I had to sleep outside. Mat came in handy when leaving as I slept on the concrete floor of the Madrid...
  14. xin loi

    camino De Santiago with 3 year old

    Did not see any children when walking in 2016, but saw them in 2014. Most impressive was the woman from Norway pushing a buggy with two small kids while walking with her blind husband--they were an inspiration to all of us. Saw several young women about 20--carrying babies under 6 months alo...
  15. xin loi

    My 2016 Unpacking list: What I will/won't pack next time

    Feels better to me...and judging from a lot of other men on the Camino--not women--others also do NOT mind putting the weight on shoulders. Back when I was in the army, we only used shoulder straps and they had Quick Disconnects so you un-ass the pack when the shooting started. BTW --lost 29.8...
  16. xin loi

    My 2016 Unpacking list: What I will/won't pack next time

    In 2014 I only carried 10 kilos. Put it up to 13 kilos in 2014. No problems either time. Next year putting more in the pack as you don't feel any weight after ten days. Trecile--saw you many times--did you notice that Poul and I never used our hip belts? Most guys we saw did not use them until...
  17. xin loi

    Carrying stones...

    Iron cross ? It's a roman military shrine and a lot of people do NOT bother to carry a rock there. Doing the Norte next year and intend to carry a stone to Finisterre to offer to the old Sun God.
  18. xin loi

    The shell

    If you ever go to the "Secret"Inca Shrine if Naupa Iglesia in the Sacred Valley near Cuzco, you will find similar shells being used on the old alter to hold offerrings of Coca Leaves. My Shell story of 2016--- Walking to Finisterre after leaving Santiago, I saw a shell lying on the ground and...
  19. xin loi

    A good use of your Camino Walking Sticks!!

    I'm an Environmental engineer specializing on water---ever see a chemincal analysis for "wood" --Wood contains chemicals to deter insects and some pine woods leach out more phenols that syntetic materials. And ever read why people boycott some chocolates? Mercury is used to make the Sodium...
  20. xin loi

    A good use of your Camino Walking Sticks!!

    Walked with a man from Austria who stopped into a local woodworking shop and had them cut staff into 3 pieces and place male and female brass fittings on pieces. He could then screw the staff togeter and had his name engraved on it. He planned to give it to his son and then have his son give it...

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