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  1. Jamie K

    Accommodation on Variants Spiritual

    Hello, I found out about this detour route a few days ago from a fellow pilgrim and I'm considering to take this route once I reach pontevedra.. Just crossed my mind where I can spend the night and how affordable they are as I have no information about albergue or hostel or hotel...along the...
  2. Jamie K

    Perverts on Portuguese Camino

    Hi all, I feel that I have to inform you solo female pilgrims that I Have encountered three disgusting perverts on my way so far. Not once, or even twice. Three times. I started from Lisbon and I am still on my journey and it has happened three times. As a female, it is very scary to meet a...
  3. Jamie K

    Pilgrim's passport for Portuguese Camino and Albergues List?

    Hello all pilgrims... Again off I go in 3 weeks.. Last year, I walked FC and it was wonderful..... I thought I should be more confident this time as this is my second Camino but nah... It is still so exciting and I'm still nervous.. I got my pilgrim's passport at SJPP's pilgrim's office last...
  4. Jamie K

    Frances Camino in Oct

    Hi all pilgrims. My friend would likely be walking the Frances Camino in Oct or could be partially also in Nov... I myself have only walked in Spring, May and June, last year and it was nice and pleasant weather-wise. How is the weather like in general in Oct and early/mid Nov? (or possibly...
  5. Jamie K

    The cost of Portuguese Camino

    Hi all, I am leaving for Portuguese Camino on April 29 and will be arriving in Lisbon on the 30th. Will start walking probably after a day or two of my arrival in Lisbon. So it's possible that I will be starting my Camino on the 1st or 2nd of May... This is my 2nd Camino. (I took 7 weeks on FC...
  6. Jamie K

    Le Puy Route for the second-time camino

    Hello everyone, I haven't visited this website since July, I think. Today is a NYE. Wish all of you a healthy and productive year to come. OK. I had my first Camino (FC) in May and June. What can I say.. it was unspeakably great.. I'm thinking of going to my second Camino, perhaps next May. I...
  7. Jamie K

    Walking the Portuguese Camino in Dec?

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I am thinking of walking the Portuguese Camino in Dec. (or possibly Nov) I have a few questions that follow this idea. 1. I have noticed that many people start from Porto, not Lisbon. Is it because the way from Lisbon is not as well marked as the way from Porto? 2...
  8. Jamie K

    After Camino

    Hello all, I walked 7 weeks France Camino in May and June, 2017. I came home in July and now is August. I don't know what I have been doing since I came back. I really miss the time I walked every day through the mountains, forests, endless wheat fields, vineyards, numerous villages, highways...
  9. Jamie K

    Do you bring your laptop to Camino?

    Hello everyone, I am not sure if I want to bring my laptop to Camino.. I have an iPad mini that I will be bringing but I won't have a phone. I will need an electronic device to find some info occasionally for sure so I cannot abandon all the electronic devices behind me as I wish to... but the...
  10. Jamie K

    Deutsche Bank ATM and BNP ATM on the Camino

    Hello everyone, I am leaving for Camino in a week. I am starting to feel real that I am really going to do what I have been dreaming of since I first heard of Camino. OK. first thing first. I am going to bring my Scotia visa card and debit card and some euros for the beginning. I am planning to...
  11. Jamie K

    From Paris to St. Jean Pied de Port?

    Hello all. I will be arriving in Paris on May 7th. I am going to start my journey from St. Jean pied de port. I would like to know what is the cheapest way to get to St. Jean pied de port from Paris. Some people say I need to get to Bayonne (TGV or bus) and then take a train to St. Jean pied de...

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