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  1. jennysa

    Other Pilgrims and signage on this route?

    Has anyone walked this route recently? If so, did you meet any other pilgrims walking it? I would like to get some idea as to how lonely it is. Also, was it well sign posted?
  2. jennysa

    Torn Meniscus Experience

    I had similar problems and could hardly walk Fortunately I had a wonderful Orthopedic surgeon . I had an arthroscope and had that wonderful Gel injected into my knee. I walked 8kms 2 days after that and 2 weeks later I did a 210 km hiking trail. 2 months later I walked from Lourdes to...
  3. jennysa

    Favourite albergues on Primitivo?

    We enjoyed the pilgrim's accommodation in the basement of the hotel in Tineo. They also do an excellent pilgrims meal for 10 euros. We gave Borres a miss because of negative reports so I am pleased to hear a recommendation for it. Overall there were no places that I would not recommend. They...
  4. jennysa

    Mud and more mud

    I am sure that it will be much dryer in September than when I walked it in June. I would recommend boots or sandals and not trail shoes. One of the worst stretches of mud this year was between Padron and O Cadavor. However, on the top of the mountain on the Hospitales route near the ruins one...
  5. jennysa

    Lourdes and hiking boots

    I walked from Lourdes to Puenta La Reina in May but I went over the Somport Pass from Oloron so I am not sure what the route is like between Oloron and SJPDP, I wore my New Balance Trail shoes the entire way and they were fantastic as there is quite a bit of road walking. I swear by them.
  6. jennysa

    Do Trains Sell Out

    I left booking a train from Lugo to Madrid until 2 days before and it was completo so I had to take the bus.
  7. jennysa

    Etapa 6-7: Ruta Hospitales v. Pola de Allande

    What stunning pictures. I could go back and walk the Hospitales route all over again. It was magnificent.
  8. jennysa

    Etapa 6-7: Ruta Hospitales v. Pola de Allande

    We walked that route a few weeks ago and did not encounter any bulls. We saw a few placid cows grazing in the distance. I am quite sure it is safe
  9. jennysa

    New albergue between Castroverde and Lugo

    Trying to place you but no p Trying to place you but no photo. The Irish couple?
  10. jennysa

    New albergue between Castroverde and Lugo

    My friends stay My friends stayed there last night and enjoyed it. I left them there and walked to Lugo. I stayed in a brand new albergue - Hostel Cross. 15 euros but you can book ahead and it is very good.
  11. jennysa

    Older People on the Primitivo

    You must have had more time to stop and and smell the roses. When one does long distances there is little time to loiter along the way.
  12. jennysa

    New albergue between Castroverde and Lugo

    Johnnie Walker's updated guide is also very useful. You can get the e-version from Amazon for your phone.
  13. jennysa

    New albergue between Castroverde and Lugo

    Good news for anyone walking the Primitivo in August is that a new albergue is opening up at Vilar DE Cas - 15 kms from Lugo probably mid August. Contact number is 628298805. Until then they are jusr selling coffee, tea, cold drinks, fruit etc. The distance from Cadavor to the albergue in...
  14. jennysa

    Older People on the Primitivo

    Today is my last day on the Primitivo as I am stopping at Lugo as I first walked from Lourdes to Puente La Reina before starting this. There are 3 of us in our 70s, and apart from another French pilgrim who says he is 78, everyone else is much younger. We are definitely the oldest but we have...
  15. jennysa

    Mud and more mud

    It is not only the mud. There has been so much rain that the water does not seep into the ground and just sits there. We were wading in water in the Hospitales route. From Grandes De Salimas it's been a lot drier. My New Balance trail shoes that I swear by have been inappropriate. Also...
  16. jennysa

    Mud and more mud

    A very large percentage of the Primitivo is under mud (often ankle deep) and streams of water. My New Balance shoes are totally inappropriate. I have wet feet, wet socks and wet shoes permanently. I would recommend that anyone planning to walk this route should invest in waterproof boots...
  17. jennysa

    Caution. in Jaca Cathedral

    She is now out of ICU and I hope that they will be able to repatriate her home soon. Europe Assist is finally communicating on a regular basis now. She says the hospital in Barcelona is 5 star. It's a lesson to us all not to economiser on travel insurance. You think that it will never...
  18. jennysa

    Caution. in Jaca Cathedral

    Thisva warning to anyone visiting the Cathedral at Jaca. There is a dangerous situation in the cathedral - the lights only come on if you put 1 euro into the slot. Otherwise it is in darkness. Someone in our group had a serious accident in the cathedral on Monday afternoon. It was pouring...
  19. jennysa

    Recommendations for a two week section in Italy

    Where do you suggest starting in Tuscany? I have walked the stretch from St Bernard Pass down into Italy and that is stunningly beautiful. I have also started at Lucca on another occasion - also superb, but do not know much about the VF before Lucca.
  20. jennysa

    Guide book for the Primitivo?

    I have a Samsung Tablet and when attempting to download the app, it said that it might not be compatible for my device? Is it only for Ipads?

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