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  1. Jackieduda

    Weather in O Ceibero now

    You can find a live webcam of the top of the trail portion by searching for camino livecams, and see the snow on the trail there.
  2. Jackieduda

    Which App?

    Definately get the TrekRight app specific to the Camino Frances. I used this exclusively on my camino recently. Great app with many features and it kept me from getting lost twice when i took wrong roads.
  3. Jackieduda

    Do's and don'ts in the albergue?

    I arrivedclate at orisdon, a slow first day, had no time to shower after dinner and was jet lagged and wide eyed at 2:30 am. Still, no excuse for menot knowing the rules.
  4. Jackieduda

    Walking Poles or not?

  5. Jackieduda

    Your Favourite Things About the Camino?

    1/Hiking in the dark of early morning under only the light of a full moon 2/having the person i hiked with a little bit meet up with me days later and hug me like i was a long lost childhood friend 3/seeing the best of humanity, because we are all showing only our relaxed best on the Way 4/...
  6. Jackieduda

    Just finished Camino Frances

    I do recognize uour pic. We met many times along the way. I would be interested in your blog when you post it. Buen post Camino!
  7. Jackieduda

    Walking a Camino is good for your health...

    This year i walked the CF with a woman from Brazil who was prescribed 6 weeks off from her job (without pay) because she was stressed out.
  8. Jackieduda

    Just finished Camino Frances

    Oh yes, i recognize your picture. We met on the trail several times. I believe you were with me and another German fellow who were lost in the city and a local woman led us thru a short cut back to the path. Is that you?
  9. Jackieduda

    Just finished Camino Frances

    I am astounded at these remarkable comments about my blog of cf. thank you all so much for this feedback. I am home now, literally dreaming each night of walking up and down hills and valleys. This is the first time i have written for others and it gave me great pleasure to share the camino with...
  10. Jackieduda

    Do's and don'ts in the albergue?

    I would add “ do read and be aware of the posted albergue rules when you arrive. I was unaware of these at orisson and it was my first camino. When i was found taking a shower at 2:30 am, i was pulled by the ear by a staff member to the bulletin board where it was posted ‘no showering after...
  11. Jackieduda

    Journaling on the Camino

    My sister also gave me a heavy journal but it was too bulky and i left it at home. I chose to write a blog in my ipad, also heavy but i sacrificed myself to carry it and never regretted this decision. I had never written for others before and it was very rewarding. ( you can get an idea of the...
  12. Jackieduda

    Just finished Camino Frances

    While there is not a lot of practical information included here, you may enjoy reading The daily blog of this peregrino’s Camino Frances. Scroll down to the very bottom of this web page to begin from my first day on Sept 6. I had not believed myself capable of this much walking in a day, but...
  13. Jackieduda

    Sign for pilgrims

    I suggest change the wording to “do not use disposable plastic bottles...”
  14. Jackieduda

    Question about Albergue in San Juan de Ortega

    I was there just two nights ago. I saw no mold and felt no reaction to mold, of which i too am allergic. Still, i wouldnt exactly call this albergue “renovated”, though i don’ t have a basis of comparison. It is a modest albergue with basic amenities. The garlic soup was delicious.
  15. Jackieduda

    Not getting it

    First, i must congratulate you on your honesty! Now, if this were me, i’d give it a few more days to move me and if it didn’t i would head for the shore. And if you are inclined to head south, try Morocco for a real taste of the exotic. You are on an adventure and there are no rules. Keep moving...
  16. Jackieduda

    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    You are definately the winner. Good for you!
  17. Jackieduda

    Equipment for Chubby Girls (perhaps an ongoing guide)

    Hello from a size 14 who is 2 inches shorter than you! Ihave found the hiking pants at eastern mountain sports to be roomy, they have pockets, fit well, but in drab colors and a bit heavy for packing, thats all i got to offer. Where do you depart and on what day?
  18. Jackieduda

    Need help deciding on train station in pamplona

    Hello all, i just recieved your replies, along with another reply directly to me that have helped enormously for me to figure out these complex details. Thank you all so much. Since i have posted this question i also tried a taxi service from pamplona to sjpdp, got all the way through their...
  19. Jackieduda

    Need help deciding on train station in pamplona

    I will be flying to madrid, train to pamplona, then bus to sjpdp. I have researched train schedules at www.en.oui.sncf. Here are some questions before i can make a reservation...hoping those with much more experience can help me. 1/ is pampeluna the same as pamplona? 2/ the madrid trains go to...
  20. Jackieduda

    Thomas, i just loved this post!

    Thomas, i just loved this post!

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