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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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    Hospital bill from spain

    Your travel insurance policy has contact information on it for this exact purpose i.e. for general purpose questions, claims, etc.
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    To be lost on the Camino

    Ha! ha! . . . great story and funny . . . after the fact. Getting lost is what makes the Camino an adventure and creator of great stories and memories.
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    Travel Insurance Recommendations?

    Allianz and Travel Guard are two very good companies, both highly rated. solid. I have used them on numerous occasions.
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    A Hard Question?

    What's important is how YOU see it. For me, arriving in Santiago after walking six extraordinary weeks was an emotional rush that would be difficult to replicate by landing in Santiago by bus, train our plane. That said, however you arrive does not make you a more or lesser pilgrim.
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    Your Favourite Things About the Camino?

    Rising early in the morning and walking in the dark. Yes, it can sometimes be a little unsettling but looking at the starry heavens and watching the sun rise . . . well, its pretty darn special
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    Your Favourite Things About the Camino?

    The transformation between SJPP and Santiago.
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    Opinions back home

    It's difficult to change a mindset or loved one's fear of the unknown. Yes, there may be destinations where having a travel partner makes sense but as for the Camino, if one uses common sense it's perfectly safe. Beyond this, you'll probably find yourself going around in circles on this. It's...
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    How much cloths for 10 day walk ?

    Friend, you need a minimal amount of clothing and gear for 10 days. Be ruthless and pair down your list furthe . . . no "want"s and all "needs." It's all about functionality and weight.
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    Can I buy a guidebook in SJPP?

    In a word, yes! Everything you need you can buy in SJPP
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    Death of a pilgrim John Smith in Fonsagrada

    Yes, it is sad however he died doing something he enjoyed and no doubt, was passionate about. We can all relate to that.
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    Drinking water on the Camino

    I think this is a question we all ask ourselves, "is the water safe?" The short answer is "yes" it's safe. I completed the CF two years ago and had no problems. I filled my bladder at alburges, bars and public fountains. If the water is not portable, there were always signs clearly warning...
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    Do you think trip insurance is necessary?

    This really an individual decision and in part, it depends on your current health. I get travel insurance for any out of the country travels. I particularly focus on medical benefits including evacuation coverage in the case of a serious injury. Also keep in mind, depending on the country you...
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    Death of a German pilgrim in Triacastela

    All in all, it's a nice way to go . . .
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    Roncesvalles... is just not for me

    I did not care for Roncesvalles, either. Non plus over the entire experience.
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    Advice needed re road to O'Cebreiro

    Ditto to remarks by my fellow Peregrino's; I walked the "road" without any problems; just use common sense. I have also hiked up the path to O'Cebreio which I found preferable but it is challenging. Bottomline, if your knee is bad, either follow alongside the roadway or get a ride.
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    Pilgrim, good advice but isn't it ironic that the same questions and answers continue to come up time and again? Someone should write a book with nothing more that questions and answers from seasoned peregrino's for those thinking about walking the Camino for the firs time.
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    Walk With or against traffic?

    NEVER turn your back to oncoming traffic
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    Going separate ways on camino?

    Dear friend, you are over thinking the situation. Simply put, be honest with your so called friend and tell her that it has been and is your intention to walk the CF solo . . . and why. If you choose to be nice about this, you stand to crater your plans and your trip. DON'T allow that to...
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    Sleeping bag a MUST in October?

    A sleeping bag is not necessary in October. The weather that time of the year should be mild. That said, if you encounter cooler climes, alburgues have warm blankets if needed. You also have the option of staying in pension's which are generally very comfortable (think private bathroom and...

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