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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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  1. Donna Sch

    From tropical Australia to the Levante in February

    We leave Australia on the 1st, fly to Barcelona and have a couple of days playing tourist to adjust to the time and climate difference ie going from 30+ deg C with maximum humidity to anywhere between 0-20 deg C and comparatively dry. And cold rain which will be a novelty. Official start date is...
  2. Donna Sch

    Memorable food on the Levante?

    We need a food thread. Whether it's that little tiny cafe tucked away in some obscure town that does an amazing breakfast, or a fancy Michelin starred marvel or the best spot to get marzipan closest to the Camino. Or that speciality you can only get in one place so it is not to be missed. One...
  3. Donna Sch

    Winter gear (Feb/March) - Am I missing anything obvious?

    Planning a long Camino (Levante/VDLP/Invierno) starting in early February. I figure the weather could do pretty much anything although I would expect temps to be between 0-15 C most of the time. However in the last couple of years they have had blizzards and unusual hot temps. I'm at hot weather...
  4. Donna Sch

    Any books out there about the Levante?

    There are plenty of books about people doing the Frances but are there any about the Levante? Or other books that are located around the Levante?
  5. Donna Sch

    Weather...or how cold/hot should I expect it to be?

    https://weatherspark.com/ gives you a lot of detail re historical trends and can give you an idea of the range. http://www.firebreak.com.au/windchill-metric.html calculates the windchill factor. https://planetcalc.com/2089/ for the apparent or "feels like" temperature.
  6. Donna Sch

    Immersion Spanish...

    When I do stuff I tend to do it obsessively and learning a language is no exception. For language learning I try to surround myself with the language so I'm after ideas for ways to expose myself to Spanish. So far... Change my social media settings to Spanish Duolingo Translating a few lines of...
  7. Donna Sch

    Anyone know of any good Spanish distance learning courses?

    https://www.dundee.ac.uk/study/short/spanishbydistancelearning/ is one I'm looking at currently. I want to know a little more than just super basic Camino Spanish as I will be needing to have phone conversations to organise accommodation etc since I will be on the Levante and Invierno in...
  8. Donna Sch

    So how many Camino routes have you walked on in one single trip?

    I'm busy planning a Camino Mixta from Alicante so that will take me on the Sureste, Levante, Ruta del Lana, VDLP, Frances, Invierno, Sanabres and Finisterre and possibly the Camino de la Santa Cruz. So somewhere between 7 and 9 depending on where you say various routes start and finish. I'd...
  9. Donna Sch

    Planning a camino for February 2019 - ideas wanted

    I turn 50 in March 2019 and had been considering doing the Astorga variant of the VDLP from Zamora. I was also seriously thinking about doing Kilimanjaro after that so doing a winter camino, testing the gear and then doing the big mountain. However airfares to do both are high and it just hasn't...
  10. Donna Sch

    Winter - clothing the bottom half

    I'm thinking about doing a winter camino in February 2019 and am wondering what everyone has worn at that time of year! So many combinations re thermals/tights/shorts/trousers/rainpants. I know for trousers and shorts that I like big cargo pockets. I do like compression gear but I'm used to...
  11. Donna Sch

    Trying to decide on a 3 week camino route for February 2019

    I turn 50 that March and I want to go to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro in March. But since I need to fly to Europe anyway to get there and I potentially have 6 weeks up my sleeve I am thinking of going to Spain to do a short 2-3 week Camino. Partly to get some hills and get away from sea level...
  12. Donna Sch

    Thinking about the Primitivo in February

    My 50th is coming up in 2019 and I still have long service leave up my sleeve and I'm seriously thinking about trekking Mt Kilimanjaro which has been on my bucket list for a long time. I live in sea level Northern Australia so I've been thinking that doing a short camino for 2-3 weeks might be a...
  13. Donna Sch

    Has anyone done a Camino de la Vera Cruz in Murcia?

    http://www.caminosdelacruz.info/ Stumbled across this and it's new to me... Never realised " In 1998, the Vera Cruz catholic shrine, in Caravaca de la Cruz, was granted the celebration of a jubilee year in perpetuity. It is the fifth place to achieve this, after Rome, Jerusalem, Santiago de...
  14. Donna Sch

    Northern Territory Pilgrims?

    I keep hearing about more and more people doing the Camino. Anyone here? We probably should organise a get-together of some sort and swap stories... Donna (Darwin)
  15. Donna Sch

    Compression socks

    I'm not doing the Camino this year but I am doing the Oxfam Trailwalker. I live in the Tropics and the Camino I did was in midsummer. This however is in late winter/early Spring in Perth, Australia around the hills. And it's 100km within 48 hours so there is night hiking involved. So I have to...
  16. Donna Sch

    If you are in Alcuescar this week (10 May)...

    10 May at 19:00 in UTC+02 Basílica de Santa Lucía del Trampal, Alcuescar (Cáceres) Un año más, la Capilla Gregoriana participará con sus cantos en la celebración litúrgica de la Misa según el rito Hispano-Mozárabe. La celebración estará presidida por D. Francisco Cerro Chaves, Obispo de...
  17. Donna Sch

    Camino bug is biting again...

    I have no idea when it will be possible to do this as my kids are all ages and I can't see them volunteering to do this one with me. And when you live in Australia it isn't as though you can easily zip back and forwards so I would have to do it in one hit. There are Camino routes that pass...
  18. Donna Sch

    On sale! Camino relevant equipment

    Was just hunting online for a few things and noticed that the Aussie Injinji site is having a sale. http://www.injinjiperformanceshop.com.au/collections/on-sale?sort_by=price-ascending Including injinji socks and Altra trail runners. The Altra shoes caught my eye because I need new shoes and...
  19. Donna Sch

    Anyone doing Oxfam Trailwalker 2016?

    For the first time in years I have no fitness goals. Normally there is a judo competition, last year I did the VDLP and I need something to work towards. The Oxfam is something on my bucket list although I would have to do it in a strange city with a team I have never met. Probably would aim at...
  20. Donna Sch

    Solo Traveller app

    http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2016/01/31/australian-develops-new-app-connect-solo-travellers?cid=cxenseab_b&cx_navSource=related-side-cx#cxrecs_s Haven't checked out this app yet but thought it maybe of interest to some. Camino inspired as well.

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