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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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  1. Gillean

    Best guide for VDLP beginner?

    I liked the guidebook published by Bicigrino. Although aimed at cyclists I found it excellent for walkers. The maps were especially good. Unfortunately it seems to be out of print now although I saw copies in Spanish bookstores along the Via de la Plata this past June. The Amigos in Seville...
  2. Gillean

    If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out

    Did my own check on Google Street View and you are absolutely correct!
  3. Gillean

    If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out

    Oops! My mistake. Although when I zoom in, the profile you have circled as Wellington doesn't really resemble the figure I photographed. Are you sure that's him? In my memory he was closer to the end near where you have shown the ex-Godoy medallion. Regrettably my memory isn't terribly reliable...
  4. Gillean

    Recommendations for albergue in Santiago?

    Semenario Menor is nice, economical and, as an option, they do have small single rooms - showers and bathrooms down the hall - for 15 or so euros (that was a couple of years back.....probably gone up a bit by now). It is about a 12 minute walk from the cathedral...
  5. Gillean

    If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out

    When? He was missing at the end of May. Did they relocate him? Astronaut was still there though!
  6. Gillean

    If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out

    This was the cameo of the Duke of Wellington (2015) It was located in the corner near the Oficina de Tourisma diagonally across the plaza from Franco: And this was the cameo of Franco (egg spattered) 2015 located near the very excellent Cafe Real: Both since removed along with quite a few...
  7. Gillean

    Junta albergue kitchens

    Pilgrims get the blame for a lot of things, not always justly. I remember staying at the albergue in Ourense when a friend asked the hospitalero if there were any more clothes drying racks? Only one had been put out in an albergue that accommodated 40+ people. The hospitalero looked away for a...
  8. Gillean

    The Shame of Starting in Sarria

    I think I read somewhere that much of the infrastructure, albergues, etc., on the Camino Invierno (and despite its name) is closed during the winter. Worth researching.
  9. Gillean

    from porto choosing which route

  10. Gillean

    Burgos cathedral albergue

    I would think that your chances are not that good for that time and that date. I would suggest you find something that you can reserve in advance for peace of mind if nothing else. This is what the lineup looked like on May 17th last year at about 12:30. The albergue opened at 12:00. So by 1:00...
  11. Gillean

    Mozarabic guide

    Is this the one? https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/mozarabe-guide.31353/
  12. Gillean

    'Rescued by the Bomberos from Burguette.

    Remarkable what a positive effect a warm bed and a good night's sleep can have on your mental well-being! Hope the rest of your journey is great! Good decisions come from experience and experience, at some level, comes from surviving bad decisions! Some might say the whole idea of walking 800 km...
  13. Gillean

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    Anything is possible and it is quite possible to walk the LePuy route without knowing much French at all but I think you level of enjoyment will increase almost directly in proportion to your ability to speak at least a bit of the local language. In general I think it is safe to say that French...
  14. Gillean

    Immersion Spanish...

    There is a book titled "Camino Lingo" available on Amazon which has a collection of useful Spanish phrases for the camino.
  15. Gillean

    Guided vs. Self-Guided Caminos

    Everyone walks their own walk. But this is what I would recommend. Before worrying about a guided or unguided pilgrimage work out a plan to prepare yourself before the walk. Walk a bunch of km with a backpack. Maybe 250 or so. Work yourself up to walks of 15 - 20 km at a go. If you do this...
  16. Gillean

    Shower footwear

    Plantar warts, athlete's foot fungus, blood, urine, feces: why would you not wear shower thongs? :eek:
  17. Gillean

    An angel on the Camino

    What a great story! I for one will definitely stay at Hostal San Miguel next time through Ponferrada if I can. :)
  18. Gillean

    Sharp decline in pilgrims, Camino Aragonés

    If memory serves me correctly there are alternate routes and options from the Le Puy route - in the last week or so before St. Jean Pied de Port - that would allow you to go south to the Somport Pass and enter Spain that way.
  19. Gillean

    Live - Camino Francés Buy earplugs if the snoring annoys you...

    There always has been and there always will be snoring in albergues and there always will be stories of nights of misery from those who have been kept awake thereby. Always. And all the complaints, lamentations, and shamings, as far as I can tell, have done nothing, repeat nothing, to reduce the...

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