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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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  1. Elle Bieling

    Best prepaid telephone to buy in SJPdP

    Hi there, @Kelly Ann Vodaphone is the service provider, for the phone plan!
  2. Elle Bieling

    Best prepaid telephone to buy in SJPdP

    We have always used Vodafone and changed out the SIM card with lots of success. No iPhone but Samsungs. They are all already unlocked. With an elderly mother at home, for a few euros extra we added calls to the USA. I can't remember the exact price, as it was different each time, but still very...
  3. Elle Bieling

    Coastal or Inland Portugese Route?

    More input from my blog. I did both and I loved both, but they are indeed quite different. Lots of photos on my site to help you choose! Many Ways on the Camino Portugues.
  4. Elle Bieling

    Advice on coastal route from Porto versus internal route

    Good luck with your decision @Camino Chris! Just pick one, and plan to do the other one in the future! You can't go wrong. If I had to choose between one or the other, I have a slight leaning towards the Central route. I did love all the history there and walking on those rough Roman roads!
  5. Elle Bieling

    Portuguese Camino

    Martin and Yvonne - Do it yourselves! Sometimes we pre-booked if there was a holiday or something like that. I hear the Coastal is getting busier and busier, but we saw more pilgrims on the Central than the coastal in the two springs we did them of 2017/18. However, you never really know. You...
  6. Elle Bieling

    Portuguese Camino

    I loved the Central Route as well. I also loved the Coastal/Senda Litoral. They are two entirely different experiences, except where they join in Redondela. I would recommend both for sure. If anyone needs help to decide which one to do, or do first, here is my blog with lots of valuable...
  7. Elle Bieling

    I have caught the Camino Bug.

    @geoff Sheperd, I loved the entire way from Lisbon to Porto. The cities of Santarem, Tomar and Coimbra are fascinating. Yes, there is pavement and cobblestone, but for me, it was worth it. We did it in April and while in the south it was quite warm, it gets cooler as you head north to the...
  8. Elle Bieling

    My Camino Experience (Ask me anything)

    The Camino Primitivo is FABULOSO! Check out my journey!
  9. Elle Bieling

    Advice on coastal route from Porto versus internal route

    I'll quickly add my two cents and blog, (Many Ways on the Camino Portugues) as I did both the central and the coastal, alternating between the Senda Litoral and the actual coastal route when it was more practical. There are just some sections that by actually follow the coast that would require...
  10. Elle Bieling

    I did the Portuguese Way, from Lisbon to SDC in the spring of 2017...

    I did the Portuguese Way, from Lisbon to SDC in the spring of 2017. https://www.pilgrimagetraveler.com/camino-portugues.html. Glad you are enjoying the Primitivo. We just ompleted the San Salvador the end of September, but i got tendinitis in my right knee really bad and couldn go onward to...
  11. Elle Bieling

    1st stage out of Porto

    I have lots of photos for you to see for yourself. Day One out of Porto
  12. Elle Bieling

    An unnecessary diversion

    Thanks all for the comments. I start the Primitivo in six days!
  13. Elle Bieling

    Old guide or new?

    I have written extensively about the new route, having completed it in May this year. I also offer my personal guide, if you are interested. I did not prefer the new route. I also do not get it. The only thing I could suppose is they believe the pilgrim is safer on the long endless forest lanes...
  14. Elle Bieling

    We should be starting the Primitivo on the 30th of Sept or the 1st of October! Maybe our paths...

    We should be starting the Primitivo on the 30th of Sept or the 1st of October! Maybe our paths will meet! Look for me! Buen Camino!
  15. Elle Bieling

    Camino Portugués - Camino da Costa

    @manoll that's a great question and rather a tough one to answer. Perhaps the Coastal route with its many boardwalks has less pavement, I don't really know for sure. The Primitivo comes to my mind when I think of predominately trails, but I have never been on the Norte. Sounds wonderful and is...
  16. Elle Bieling

    The Camino Inglés Ebook - Camino Inglés Ebook

    My totally new and updated digital version in a PDF document format, with all the recent changes to the English routes made in 2017 and 2018. There is information on the standard route from Ferrol and well as new information on the city of La Coruña and the continuation of the Celtic Camino...
  17. Elle Bieling

    The Camino Inglés Ebook [Paid]

    Elle Bieling updated The Camino Inglés Ebook with a new update entry: Camino Inglés Ebook Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. Elle Bieling

    Camino Portugués - Camino da Costa

    Manoll, I did the Portugues in mid-April leaving from Lisbon. By the time I got to Porto it was early May and quite hot. Since there are palm trees in Portugal, and even in the more northern areas, I am sure you will be just fine if you are from MN! The weather is quite temperate. However, the...
  19. Elle Bieling

    If you have done both the CP and the CF...

    Indeed, indeed! I need to check out the Le Puy Route. I still haven't done the Frances - it scares me! Too many people. Thank-you for your nice comments as well!;)
  20. Elle Bieling

    Need advice from those before us

    We did it in April, early May. It was very hot in Portugal and kept getting cooler and cooler, as it got more mountainous and as we got closer to Galicia! You can follow our journey, if you like at Camino Portugues. Hopefully all the notes/photos/maps that I have will assist you: Camino Portugues.

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