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  1. Marbe2

    LIVE from the Camino Dog attack

    I have met many untethered and stray dogs, as well as been pained by seeing heavily chained and clearly lonely isolated dogs behind fences along the CF. In addition, over many years of hiking I have passed hundreds of loose dogs. The vast majority of dogs are friendly! I start greeting...
  2. Marbe2

    The Way: how do you feel about THE movie?

    I didn’t respond to the Poll because I felt different about the movie after I walked it. I really liked the movie initially and it partially inspired me walk the CF. I also read several books including Walk in a Relaxed Manner which enhanced my desire to walk it. However, after I walked the...
  3. Marbe2

    What pushed or invited or drew you to set off for 'The Camino'?

    Have always been a hiker/walker. Traveled almost every Sommer to Austria, Italy or Switzerland to walk when I worked. Saw the movie The Way and read Joyce Rupp’s Walked in a Relaxed Manner and decided to walk it.
  4. Marbe2

    Ranking my top 10 foods from the Camino

    I don’t have a 10 favorite foods list in any country?
  5. Marbe2

    Connecting Flight Madrid to Santiago

    Oh, Ithought I missed it Annie, I went searching! 😀
  6. Marbe2

    Cheap airline flights ?

    Another consideration: Rarely will you find really “cheap” nonstop direct flights, so how willing are you to make stops? Are there direct flights from Detroit? WHEN do you want to fly……off peak/shoulder seasons or winter months are usually lower cost, both in flights and hotels. I love...
  7. Marbe2

    Madrid airport to chamartin, how long it takes?

    You would be cutting it very close, assuming your flight comes in on-time you don’t have to collect luggage. Take a taxi for 35 euros from T2 to Chamartin.
  8. Marbe2

    Sharing a menu del dia/ becoming a trend/ Santiago de Compostela

    I have seen pilgrims order the typical spaghetti bolognese only as a meal. One woman last year came into Casa Lixa for Lunch ordered only the spagetti, but then put almost an entire bowl of shredded Romano cheese (not exaggerating) on top of the Spaghetti and then asked half way through the...
  9. Marbe2

    Where to stay in O Cebreiro

    We have had reservations in various places! It really depends when you are there and on what you are looking for? The town itself can be packed with pilgrims and is usually quite busy and waiting to be served can get tedious. @Anniesantiago mentioned staying at Albergue la Escuela in Laguna...
  10. Marbe2

    Travel Insurance

    I was hospitalized in Ireland for 5 days pre walking camino days. Allianz insurance was initially very supportive on the phone, but it took them a year to pay the hospital and doctor in Ireland and I had to persistently contact them and sent them documentation numerous times, including certified...
  11. Marbe2

    Long pants and long sleeves in summer? Smart or big mistake?

    We always wea Agree! I always wear polyester light weight pants, long sleeve capeline shirts, a wide rim hat with neck protection and now always silk gloves…even in Spring! I had to have two suspicious brown spots removed from my hands two years ago by the dermatologist…and I am sure it was...
  12. Marbe2

    Considering Breaking up a Camino Frances into Two Parts

    If starting fromSSPdP in March be aware that the higher, Napoleon route does not open until April!
  13. Marbe2

    When to purchase tickets for a Sep-Oct walk?

    I don’t know your airline,but I usually fly UA. and I by am able to cancel my ticket, (not basic fare) which allows one credit for the value of the ticket. If the fare drops significantly, I cancel and then rebook the same flight,immediately at no cost. I did this on a flight several months...
  14. Marbe2

    When to purchase tickets for a Sep-Oct walk?

    Do enough exploring/research to know what is an acceptable price. Then secure a fare that is reasonable from your perspective. If you are starting your camino in Racine WI, you likely will fly out of Milwaukee? if so you may need to make at least one stop? Suggest a ticket you can at least...
  15. Marbe2

    What should I do about a phone?

    I used to carry an iPad and a basic phone which I had bought in Spain, maybe three years prior, but when I tied to purchase a SIM card for the older phone or purchase minutes for it, no shop claimed to have either a sim card to fit it in stock , nor could simply add minutes the existing one. or...
  16. Marbe2

    Rain...rain pants?

    The Frogg Toggs I have do not breathe! We wore them one Sept day leaving Roncevalles. It was raining hard!! But we began to swelter in the Toggs, by 9am..was a warm day. We decided to take off the Toggs, tops and bottoms. Now we still use the Frogg Togg jacket or a poncho but only in...
  17. Marbe2

    The electric coil changed my life on the Camino!

    About two years ago we bought a cheap rather light stainless steel pouring pot designed for about 2 euros in the Chinese store close to the route out of Sarria (not long after after crossing the rio). It weights 6.6 ozs and holds a little more than 750 ml of water. We fill the pot up almost to...
  18. Marbe2

    Drinking water @hotels

    On the CF, dnk for CP, hotels rarely supplied bottled water and if they did it would not be enough for your purposes. Normally, I either use the tap water where we are staying, or we’ve buy1.5 liter bottles of water in certain areas where the hotels may be older and I simply don't want to...
  19. Marbe2

    Good addition to a baseball cap

    If I worried about fashion, I’d never walk a camino or hike for that matter😉😂
  20. Marbe2

    6 Month Training & Weight Loss Plan for an Overweight/Plus Size Pilgrim

    When you walk make sure you get in sufficient road walking as you will frequently be on hard surfaces on the camino. Treadmills won’t harden your feet enough.

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