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  1. J

    Ryan Air schedules

    I am wanting to get to London from Santiago on November 2nd - or the day before if things don't suit, to connect with a flight to Australia at 22h00. I have been checking the Ryan Air site but it doesn't appear to have flights on that day (it's had the previous week listed for quite awhile now...
  2. J

    flights from Santiago to London

    I have been having trouble finding a cheap flight from Santiago to London in November. Unless I want to pay ridiculous money (AU$1,000) I can't seem to find a good flight. Plus they all seem to route through Madrid and there's a big lay over. I imagine many pilgrims have wanted to return to...
  3. J

    Help from someone in Spain re: pilgrim who died

    I walked the Camino Frances during September and October this year and was there just outside Castrojerez when a pilgrim died. I have been able to find out his name from a web site: Francisco Manuel Picasso López, peregrino veterano de Málaga, de 42 años, murió el 25 de septiembre de 2008 tras...
  4. J

    sad news

    Hello everyone, it is sad new I have today - yesterday I left Castrojirez, walked up the Alto, across that flat bit and down the other side, a steep but short path. As I was walking very slowly down the steep bit because I was taking a lot of care with my bad knee, a man passed me, pushing me...
  5. J

    Albergue in Villamaior?

    Does anyone know if there is an albergue near Villamaior, just after Lavacolla? Jane
  6. J

    where are the latest topics?

    Hi Everyone and ivar, am I just being a clueless blonde?? because I can't find the latest posts on your new look site :oops: It doesn't seem like there has been many new posts since the weekend so either we've all gone quiet or I'm looking in the wrong place. I'd appreciate your advice. Only...
  7. J

    Sun Compass

    In John Brierley's guide book he mentions using the sun compass which is marked on each of his maps. "should you become lost you will find a 'sun compass' to help re-orientate you".(page 41, under "maps and waymarking") I am really confused! :? I can see the sun compass he mentions on his...
  8. J

    car hire to Finisterre?

    after the I reach Santiago I would like to go to Finisterre just for the day before leaving Santiago. Can anyone tell me a cheap car hire company that offers day rates - ones I've found on the web won't hire for just a day. thanks. Jane.
  9. J

    Post Office in Santiago

    A friend has just completed the camino frances and has told me that the post office in Santiago only holds pilgrim's posted excess gear for two weeks now. She had posted things to herself at the start of her walk only to find the post office had posted them onto Australia by the time she got...
  10. J

    Light weight alternatives to soap, shampoo, laundry wash pow

    I thought people might like to look at this site - they have little, very light, containers of 'paper' soap, shampoo, laundry soap etc. Each box only weighs about 12gms - eg: the paper shampoo holds 30 papers - (enough to wash your hair 30 times if short and weighs 12gms) - much lighter than...
  11. J

    Hat suggestion

    I have been searching for a suitable hat for my camino - I've looked in camping/hiking stores as well on the internet and I think I've finally found one that I'd like to pass on to others who also may be looking - this hat has everything I want - vents in the crown for air flow, light weight...
  12. J

    Intensive spanish lessons or language school along the way?

    I am having a lot of trouble with my left knee and may need to have it operated on -soon if needed, before I start my camino in september. I am trying to think 100% positively but just in case my knee can't manage lots of walking and I only can manage a small part of the camino, I want to have...
  13. J

    Santiago to San Sabastian

    Does anyone know if there is a train from Santiago to San Sabastian? Or another way to reach there? Cheap, easy, fun? I am wanting to pick up a leased french car from SS (they don't charge a ridiculous fee if you pick up in SS due to it being so close to France). thanks, Jane
  14. J

    Car Hire in Spain

    After my camino, my husband and I would like to hire a car and drive around Spain, and also back along the camino route. We would then like to drive into France to Bordeaux and then leave the car there and train it up to Paris. Can anyone recommend a good/cheap car company? I am getting quite...
  15. J

    Barcelona to Santiago

    My husband is meeting me after my camino in Santiago, he will be flying into Barcelona first. We have checked out airlines to Santiago, but has anyone had experience catching a bus or train from Barcelona to Santiago and if so, how long did it take and do you remember the cost? If he chooses to...
  16. J

    Parador hotels - which one to stay in?

    Once I have completed my camino, my husband is meeting me in Santiago and we are going to hire a car and drive back along the route I would have walked, into france and fly out of Paris. Seeing as it will be my 50th birthday at that time, we would like to stay in one of the Paradors along the...
  17. J

    Credential for Santiago- Finisterre return?

    My husband is planning on meeting me in Santiago after I have walked the Camino Frances. We are then going to walk together to Finesterre and back to Santiago. Is he eligible for a compostella and if so where does he get a credential from? I'm assuming at the same place one gets the...
  18. J

    Camino d'arles joioning camino frances

    I am planning to start my camino in Toulouse (france), near the end part of the camino d'arles. Has anyone else done this part, joining the camino frances via Juca etc? Does anyone know any good sites with this route explained - basically from Toulouse to Santiago. I'd like to know info on...

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