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  1. BonitaHolland

    Coming back to complete or start again?

    Hi everyone, last year I walked carrying a back pack staying in hostels from SJDPP to Leon and then had to stop and go home due to Plantar Facilitis which was incredibly painful and frustrating. It's taken until now (4 months later) to be able to walk for more than an hour without pain. I'm...
  2. BonitaHolland

    Pass it forward

    Whilst I was walking the Camino Frances I noticed how frequently items that were wanted/needed were found or lost or passed on or shared or left behind but then gained by another....for example Betty left her rain jacket behind but was later given a cape then I met her and mentioned I needed a...
  3. BonitaHolland


    I'd like to share something about dealing with longish hair on the Camino.... I was advised well and took a Lush shampoo bar plus conditioner bar which were both fantastic (although my tip is take two conditioner bars for 4 weeks plus) as I'd never heard of these before I was pretty sceptical...
  4. BonitaHolland

    Walking a Camino in bits and pieces

    I've just completed half my Camino although at the moment it feels like Leon was 'my Santiago' but who knows I might come back and do the second half..... my question is how does it feel to begin in the middle if you know what I mean? I met many many pilgrims doing the Camino in 'bits and...
  5. BonitaHolland

    Live - Camino Francés Slowing down

    i started on Sep 3rd in SJDPP and have just passed through Fromista.... I'm carrying my own lack (8kg) but I'm getting slower each day and walking shorter distances-from happily doing 20/25 km I'm now walking just 10-15km a day and most of that I'm in pain. I begin the day fine but after 2 hours...
  6. BonitaHolland

    Mobile phone kit

    My charger plug has died, the cable is fine does anyone know of a mobile phone or techie shop in front of me as I am currently in Etero de la vega. Thank you.
  7. BonitaHolland

    Talking and walking

    I'm interested in what others chat about and how the themes change the further along the Camino you walk....I'm walking with a friend joined by various others at times ... early themes included back-pack 'management' issues,blisters, lost items, items gained, knees, shoulders, water, cold/heat...
  8. BonitaHolland

    Newish Albergue Castilgedago

    http://www.alberguebideluze.com/inicio-(eng).html Please can I urge you to stay in this wonderful new Farmhouse conversion open just 4 weeks with very few pilgrims staying (it's easy to walk past) tonight 6 were staying and it's been the best evening so far in 17 days on the Camino, the...
  9. BonitaHolland

    Lost Lost pearl earring- Albergue Villamayor de

    I slept last night at the Auberge Villa Mayor de Morjardin 12/9/16 in Room 6 and I may have lost my earring in the double bed. If anyone finds it I'd be so happy as these earrings were a special gift from my son in Australia and I wore them specially (if a little foolishly) to take something of...
  10. BonitaHolland

    How long did you prepare for your Camino?

    I'm interested in the range and variety of preparations (I note on this Forum someone preparing for 2017/18). For myself I was talking with a peer on a train travelling back from a particularly challenging 5 day residential course she said 'I've been thinking about walking the Camino one day' I...
  11. BonitaHolland

    Tracker map apps

    Does anyone have experience of using a tracker map app please? My walking friend Katy is a journalist and will be writing a blog as we go along and wants to be able to allow followers to see where we've got to. There appear to be several options....thoughts from experience please of using any of...
  12. BonitaHolland

    Counselling therapy as you walk or dine or rest

    BonitaHolland submitted a new resource: Counselling therapy as you walk or dine or rest - I'm offering Gestalt Counselling therapy Read more about this resource...

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